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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Mechanisms of conservation and cycling of N and P in a chronosequence of secondary vegetation in Eastern Amazonia.CARVALHO, C. J. R. de; CHU, E. Y.; DAVIDSON, E. A.; SANTOS, M. T. P. dos; FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; FREIRE, G. S.; PANTOJA, K. de F. R.
2010Nitrogen and phosphorus additions negatively affect tree species diversity tropical forest regrowth trajectories.SIDDIQUE, I.; VIEIRA, I. C. G.; SCHIMIDT, S.; LAMB, D.; CARVALHO, C. J. R. de; FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; BLOMBERG, S.; DAVIDSON, E. A.
2007Objective indicators of pasture degradation from spectral mixed model analysis of landsat imagery.DAVIDSON, E. A.; ASNER, G. P.; STONE, T. A.; NEILL, C.; FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.
2006Pathways of nutrient flow in an eastern Amazonian watershed.MARKEWITZ, D.; FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; SCHULER, M. E.; DAVIDSON, E. A.
2011Simulated drought in the Amazon: impacts on soil solution and nutrient fluxes.MARKEWITZ, D.; FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; DAVIDSON, E. A.; NEPSTAD, D. C.
2008Stream water chemistry assessment in agriculture catchments in Eastern Amazonia.FIGUEIREDO, R. de; MARKEWITZ, D.; DAVIDSON, E. A.; SCHULER, M. A. E.; WATRIN, O. dos S.; SILVA, P. de S.
2004The chemistry of two streams draining kaolinitic soils.MARKEWITZ, D.; FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; DAVIDSON, E. A.; BUSTAMANTE, M. M. C.; PARRON, L.; RESENDE, J.
2008Throughfall reduction: Impacts on solution nutrient fluxes.MARKEWITZ, D.; FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; DAVIDSON, E. A.; NEPSTAD, D. C.; ROSA, M. B.; PORTELA, G.; SILVA, W. R. da; XABREGAS, E. N. de A.
2005Variações isotópicas de nitrogênio (d15N) em florestas secundárias da Amazônia.FIGUEIRA, A. M. e S.; OMETTO, J. P.; NARDOTO, G. B.; VIEIRA, I. C.; CARVALHO, C. J. R. de; DAVIDSON, E. A.; MARTINELLI, L. A.
2012Watershed services of smallholder agriculture in the Eastern Amazon.FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; BORNER, J.; DAVIDSON, E. A.
2013Watershed services payments to smallholders in the Brazilian Amazon: challenges and perspectives.FIGUEIREDO, R. de O.; BÖRNER, J.; DAVIDSON, E. A.