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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Drought and tree mortality in tropical rainforest: understanding and differentiating functional responses.MEIR, P.; ROWLAND, L.; COSTA, A. da; MENCUCCINI, M.; OLIVEIRA, A.; BINKS, O.; CHRISTOFFERSEN, B.; ELIANE, M.; VASCONCELOS, S.; KRUIJT, B.; FERREIRA, L.
2015Exploring causes, risks, and consequences for ecosystem services of tipping points in Latin American forests - the role of biodiversity.VERBOOM, J.; KRUIJT, B.; SOBA, M. P.; BAVECO, H.; EUPEN, M. van; RANDOW, C. von; PARR, T.; THONICKE, K.; JONES, L.; BOIT, A.; BALVANERA, P.; ABARCA, E. L.; HUNTINGFORD, C.; BLYTH, E.; CISOWSKA, I.; MARTORANO, L.; TOLEDO, M.; PURSE, B.; MASANTE, D.; PENA CLAROS, M.
2014New estimates of temperature response of leaf photosynthesis in Amazon forest trees, its acclimation to mean temperature change and consequences for modelling climate response to rain forests.JANS, W.; VASCONCELOS, S.; TRIBUZY, E.; FELSEMBURGH, C.; ELIANE, M.; ROWLAND, L.; COSTA, A. da; MEIR, P.; KRUIJT, B.
2006Patterns of CO2 and water fluxes measured by flux towers across tropical forest, ecotone and savanna ecosystems in Brazil.ROCHA, H. R. da; GOULDEN, M.; MILLER, S.; MANZI, A. O.; CABRAL, O. M. R.; FREITAS, H. C. de; NOBRE, A.; SALESKA, S.; WOFSY, S.; KRUIJT, B.; RANDOW, C. VON
2015Responses to severe drought by tropical forest trees.MEIR, P.; ROWLAND, L.; COSTA, A. C. L. da; MENCUCCINI, M.; CHRISTOFFERSEN, B.; VASCONCELOS, S.; KRUIJT, B.; FERREIRA, L.
2015The AmazonFACE research program: assessing the effects of increasing atmospheric CO2 on the ecology and resilience of the Amazon forest.LAPOLA, D.; QUESADA, C.; NORBY, R.; ARAUJO, A.; DOMINGUES, T.; HARTLEY, I.; KRUIJT, B.; LEWIN, K.; MEIR, P.; OMETTO, J.; RAMMIG, A.; WALKER, A.