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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Recombinant Cry1la protein is highly toxic to cotton boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis boheman) and fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda).MARTINS, E. S.; AGUIAR, R. W. D. S.; MARTINS, N. F.; MELATTI, V. M.; FALCÃO, R.; GOMES, A. C. M. M.; RIBEIRO, B. M.; MONNERAT, R. G.
2019Rice susceptibility to root-knot nematodes is enhanced by the Meloidogyne incognita MSP18 effector gene.GROSSI-DE-SA, M.; PETITOT, A.-S.; XAVIER, D. A.; SÁ, M. E. L.; MEZZALIRA, I.; BENEVENTI, M. A.; MARTINS, N. F.; BAIMEY, H. K.; ALBUQUERQUE, E. V. S.; GROSSI-DE-SA, M. F.; FERNANDEZ, D.
2016Searching for novel targets to control wheat Head Blight Disease-I-Protein identification, 3D modeling and virtual screening.MARTINS, N. F.; BRESSO, E.; TOGAWA, R. C.; URBAN, M.; ANTONIW, J.; MAIGRET, B.; HAMMOND-KOSACK, K.
2007Seqüências de genes de resistência da classe 1 e 2 de Coffea arabica relacionadas ao banco brasileiro de ESTs de café.ALBUQUERQUE, E. V. S.; SILVA, M. S.; TEIXEIRA, C. C.; MARTINS, N. F.; CAMPOS, M. A.; GROSSI DE SÁ, M. F.
2007Signaling pathways in a citrus EST database.MEHTA, A.; SILVA, M. S.; GUIDETTI-GONZALEZ, S.; CARRER, H.; TAKITA, M. A.; MARTINS, N. F.
2008SisGen: a corba-based data management program for DNA sequencing projects.PAPPAS JUNIOR, G. J.; MIRANDA, R. P.; MARTINS, N. F.; TOGAWA, R. C.; COSTA, M. M. C.
2016Structure-based virtual screening of hypothetical inhibitors of the enzyme longiborneol synthase: a potential target to reduce Fusarium head blight disease.BRESSO, E.; LEROUX, V.; URBAN, M.; HAMMOND-KOSACK, K. E.; MAIGRET, B.; MARTINS, N. F.
2018Systemic and sex-biased regulation of OBP expression under semiochemical stimuli.PAULA, D. P.; TOGAWA, R. C.; COSTA, M. M. do C.; GRYNBERG, P.; MARTINS, N. F.; ANDOW, D. A.
2015Transcriptome-based identification of highly similar odorant-binding proteins among neotropical stink bugs and their egg parasitoid.FARIAS, L. R.; SCHIMMELPFENG, P. H. C.; TOGAWA, R. C.; COSTA, M. M. do C.; GRYNBERG, P.; MARTINS, N. F.; BORGES, M.; MORAES, M. C. B.; LAUMANN, R. A.; BÁO, S. N.; PAULA, D. P.
2016Using a bespoke 'Omics' approach to devise a flexible new way to control Fusarium in wheat.KING, R.; URBAN, M.; BROWN, N.; MACHADO, A. K. F. M.; LEE, W. S.; KANYUKA, K.; SPARKS, C.; WEST, J.; YAMAZAKI-LAU, E.; TIBOLA, C. S.; LIMA, M. I. P. M.; TOGAWA, R. C.; MARTINS, N. F.; ARAGAO, F. J. L.; NICOLLI, C. P.; DEL PONTE, E. M.; TESSMANN, D. J.; FERNANDES, J. M. C.; HAMMOND-KOSACK, K.