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2018A Novel betabaculovirus isolated from the monocot pest mocis latipes (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and the evolution of multiple-copy genes.ARDISSON-ARAÚJO, D. M. P.; SILVA, A. M. R. da; MELO, F. L.; SANTOS, E. R. dos; SÓSA-GOMEZ, D. R.; RIBEIRO, B. M.
2014Atividade biológica de toxinas e de um isolado de Baculovírus (SNPV) caracterizado molecularmente, em Helicoverpa armigera e Helicoverpa zea.SOSA-GÓMEZ, D. R.; RIBEIRO, B. M.; ARDISSON-ARAÚJO, D. M. P.; MELO, F. L.; CARVALHO, R. A.; MARTINELLI, S.
2016A betabaculovirus encoding a gp64 homolog.ARDISSON-ARAÚJO, D. M. P.; PEREIRA, B. T.; MELO, F. L.; RIBEIRO, B. M.; BÁO, S. N.; ZANOTTO, P. M. de A.; MOSCARDI, F.; KITAJIMA, E. W.; SOSA-GÓMEZ, D. R.; WOLFF, J. L. C.
2017Characterization and phylogenetic analysis of a new baculovírus: mythimna sequax nuclopolyhedrovirus.PETERSON, L.; SANTOS, E. R. dos; OLIVEIRA, L. B. de; SOSA-GOMEZ, D. R.; RIBEIRO, B. M.; ARDISSON-ARAÚJO, D. M. P.
2015Characterization of Helicoverpa Zea single nucleopolyhedrovirus isolated in Brazil during the first old world Bolworm (Noctuidae: Helicoverpa armigera) nationwide outbreak.ARDISSON-ARAÚJO, D. M. P.; SOSA-GÓMEZ, D. R.; MELO, F. L.; BÁO, S. N.; RIBEIRO, B. M.
2016Genome sequence of Perigonia lusca single nucleopolyhedrovirus: insights into the evolution of a nucleotide metabolism enzyme in the family Baculoviridae.ARDISSON-ARAÚJO, D. M. P.; LIMA, R. N.; MELO, F. L.; CLEM, R. J.; HUANG, N.; BÁO, S. N.; SOSA-GÓMEZ, D. R.; RIBEIRO, B. M.
2019An iflavirus found in stink bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) of four different species.SANTOS, E. R. dos; TRENTIN, L. B.; ECKER, A.; SILVA, L. A.; BORGES, M.; MOWERY, J. D.; RIBEIRO, B. M.; HARRISON, R. L.; ARDISSON-ARAÚJO, D. M. P.
2019A new virus found in garlic virus complex is a member of possible novel genus of the family Betaflexiviridae.SILVA, L. A. da; OLIVEIRA, A. S.; MELO, F. L.; ARDISSON-ARAÚJO, D. M. P.; RESENDE, F. V.; RESENDE, R. O.; RIBEIRO, B. M.