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2016Functional diversity of yeast associated with sweet sorghum plants determined through the system Biolog.MARRIEL, I.; GUIMARAES, M.; LANA, U.; PARRELLA, R.; RAMOS, T.; REIS, D.; GUIMARAES, E.; TEIXEIRA, F.
2016Grain productivity sorghum grain production influenced by Azospirillum brasilense strains.MELO, I.; SILVA, A.; GOMES, B.; REIS, D.; OLIVEIRA, J. C.; GUIEIRO, C.; OLIVEIRA, C.; MARRIEL, I.
2006Molecular ecology based on 16S rDNA of bacterial communities from rhizospheres of sensitive and tolerant maize varieties under aluminum-stressing and non-stressing conditions thirty and ninety days after sowing.MOTA, F. F. da; GOMES, E.; MARRIEL, I.; PAIVA, E.; SELDIN, L.
2016Nitrogen concentration in plant and population diazotrophs in maize rhizosphere influenced by azospirillum application method.REIS, D.; FONSECA, L.; RAMOS, T.; OLIVEIRA, J. C.; MELO, I.; OLIVEIRA, C.; GUIMARAES, L.; MARRIEL, I.
2015Potential of rhizospheric and endophytic microorganism to enhance P availability from organic and inorganic phosphate and phytohormones production.OLIVEIRA, C.; GOMES, E.; MARRIEL, I.; OLIVEIRA, M.; LANA, U.; PALHARES, V.; BEINHAUER, A.; GREINER, R.
2016Potential use of the actinomycetes for biocontrol of pantoea ananatis, causal agent of maize (Zea mays l.) white spot disease.OLIVEIRA, J. C.; TAVARES, A.; MELO, I.; REIS, D.; OLIVEIRA, C.; LANA, U.; MARRIEL, I.
2016Production of organic acids and solubilization of silicate rocks in vitro by filamentous isolated fungi from ferruginous soils of Minas Gerais - Brazil.RAMOS, T.; MARRIEL, I.; OLIVEIRA, C.; OLIVEIRA, J. C.; GUIMARAES, M.; REIS, D.; MELO, I.; CAMILO, B.
2016Quantification of siderophores production by endophytic microorganisms in maize.BATISTA, F.; OLIVEIRA, M.; FERNANDES, T.; RIBEIRO, V.; MARRIEL, I.; GOMES, E. A.; LANA, U.; OLIVEIRA, C.
2015Siderophore production and iron phosphate solubilization by root endophytic bacteria isolated from maize.PALHARES, V.; MARRIEL, I.; GOMES, E.; LANA, U.; ABREU, C.; ALMEIDA, C.; OLIVEIRA, C.
2016The occurrence of different species of yeast associated with sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) moench), plants grown in brazilian savanna.MARRIEL, I.; GUIMARAES, M.; CAMILO, B.; OLIVEIRA, C.; SOUSA, F.; GOMES, E.; SCHAFFERT, R.; PARRELLA, R.