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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of the rhizosphere microbial communities of common beans resistant and susceptible to Fusarium oxysporum.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; TSAI, S. M.
2014Analysis of the rhizospheric microbial community of common bean resistant to soil pathogen.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; TSAI, S. M.
2018Back to the roots: revealing beneficial interactions between the rhizosphere microbiome and wild wheat.ROSSMANN, M.; PÉREZ-JARAMILLO, J. E.; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; KAVAMURA, V. N.; DUMACK, K.; FIORE-DONNO, A. M.; MENDES, L. W.; BONKOWSKI, M.; MAUCHLINE, T.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.; MENDES, R.
2018Breeding for resistance to soil-borne pathogen impacts rhizosphere microbiome functions in common bean.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.; TSAI, S. M.
2012Functional diversity of bacterial genes associated with aromatic hydrocarbon degradation in anthropogenic dark earth of Amazonia.GERMANO, M. G.; CANNAVAN, F. S.; MENDES, L. W.; LIMA, A. B.; TEIXEIRA, W. G.; PELLIZARI, V. H.; TSAI, S. M.
2015Metagenomic analysis of the rhizosphere microbiome of the common bean resistant to Fusarium oxysporum.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; TSAI, S. M.
2018Mining of the endophytic microbiome for novel biosynthetic genes and antifungal metabolites.CARRION, V. J.; PÉREZ-JARAMILLO, J.; CORDOVEZ, V.; HOLLANDER, M. de; TRACANNA, V.; MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; MEDEMA, M. H.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.
2014Rhizosphere bacterial community composition in wild and modern common bean.FLORES, S. W. S.; MENDES, L. W.; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; MENDES, R.
2015Rhizosphere microbial community composition of common beans with different levels of resistance to Fusarium oxysporum.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; TSAI, S. M.