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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993Soil solarization for the control of tomato and eggplant Verticillium wilt and its effect on weed and micro-arthropod communities.GHINI, R.; BETTIOL, W.; SPADOTTO, C. A.; MORAES, G. J. de; PARAIBA, L. C.; MINEIRO, J. L. de C.
1995Influence of Baculovirus anticarsia on the growth rate and survival of some nontarget aquatic organisms.JONSSON, C. M.; MAIA, A. de H. N.; FERREIRA, C. J. A.; COSTA, F. P.
1997Production of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner var. kurstaki grown in alternative media.ALVES, L. F. A.; ALVES, S. B.; PEREIRA, R. M.; CAPALBO, D. M. F.
1995Entomopathogens: impact evaluation of their production and use, and its effects on public policies.CAPALBO, D. M. F.; MORAES, I. O.; DE NARDO, E. A. B.
1997Risk assessment of biocontrol agents: who is who data base.NARDO, E. A. B. de; GATTAZ, N. C.; CAPALBO, D. M. F.; SA, L. A. N. de
1996International information system on biological control.SA, L. A. N. de; MORAES, G. J. de; GATTAZ, N. C.; CANHOS, D.
1995Implementation of two data bases on biosafety of biocontrol agents.DE NARDO, E. A. B.; GATTAZ, N. C.; CAPALBO, D. M. F.; SA, L. A. N. de
1990Solid and liquid waste utilization in fermentation process to get bacterial insecticide.MORAES, I. O.; CAPALBO, D. M. F.; MORAES, R. O.
1995Bacillus thuringiensis: fermentation process and risk assessment. A short review.CAPALBO, D. M. F.
1998Use of modelling for predator-prey interactions analyses.BONATO, O.