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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Cytogenetic analyses in Paspalum L reveal new diploid species and accessions.POZZOBON, M. T.; MACHADO, A. C. de C.; VAIO, M.; VALLS, J. F. M.; PEÑALOZA, A. del P. de S.; SANTOS, S. dos; CÔRTES, A. L.; RUA, G. H.
2017Avoiding the dry season: dispersal time and syndrome mediate seed dormancy in grasses in Neotropical savanna and wet grasslands.RAMOS, D. M.; DINIZ, P.; OOI, M. K. J.; BORGHETTI, F.; VALLS, J. F. M.
2010Karyological features and banding patterns in Arachis species belonging to the heteranthae section.SILVA, S. C.; MARTINS, M. I. G.; SANTOS, R. C. dos; PENALOZA, A. D. P. de S.; MELO FILHO, P. A.; BENKO-ISEPPON, A. M.; VALLS, J. F. M.; CARVALHO, R.
2013A study of the relationships of cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea) and its most closely related wild species using intron sequences and microsatellite markers.MORETZSOHN, M. de C.; GOUVEA, E. G.; INGLIS, P. W.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; VALLS, J. F. M.; Bertioli, D. J.
2011A New Awned Species of Paspalum (Poaceae, Panicoideae, Paniceae) from Brazil.RAMOS, D. M.; VALLS, J. F. M.; OLIVEIRA, R. C. de; GRACIANO RIBEIRO, D.
2011An overview of peanut and its wild relatives.BERTIOLI, D. J.; SEIJO, G.; FREITAS, F. O.; VALLS, J. F. M.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; MORETZSOHN, M. de C.
2017A new species of Arachis (Fabaceae) from Mato Grosso, Brazil, related to Arachis Matiensis.VALLS, J. F. M.; SIMPSON, C. E.
2008Four new species of Paspalum (Poaceae, Paniceae) from Central Brazil, and resurrection of and old one.RUA, G. H.; VALLS, J. F. M.; GRACIANO RIBEIRO, D.; OLIVEIRA, R. C.
2007Assessment of genetic stability among in vitro plants of Arachis retusa using RAPD and AFLP markers for germplasm preservation.GAGLIARDI, R. F.; HANAI, L. R.; PACHECO, G.; OLIVEIRA, C. A.; CARNEIRO, L. A.; VALLS, J. F. M.; MANSUR, E.; VIEIRA, M. L. C.
2007The role of BAP in somatic embriogenesis induction from seed explants of Arachis species from Sections Erectoides and Procumbentes.PACHECO, G.; GAGLIARDI, R. F.; CARNEIRO, L. A.; CALLADO, C. H.; VALLS, J. F. M.; MANSUR, E.