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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Otimização de RT-PCR multiplex para subtipagem do vírus influenza A.GAVA, D.; SIMON, N. L.; SCHAEFER, R.; ROCHA, C. S.; ZANELLA, J. R. C.
2012Development and improvement of methods and biologicals for the diagnosis, prevention and control of viral diseases of swine.ZANELLA, J. R. C.; SCHAEFER, R.; CARON, L.; GAVA, D.; PANDOLFI, J. R. C.; LOYOLA, W.; MARQUES, M. G.
2011Detecção do vírus influenza pandêmico A/H1N1 em suínos no Brasil.SCHAEFER, R.; ZANELLA, J. R. C.; RITTERBUSCH, G. A.; BRENTANO, L.; SILVEIRA, S.; SCHIOCHET, M. F.; MORES, N.; CARON, L.; GAVA, D.
2010Challenge of pigs with natural immunity to H1 and H3 swine influenza virus with pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza virus.ZANELLA, J. R. C.; LAGER, K. M.; VINCENT, A. L.; ZANELLA, E. L.; GAVA, D.
2011Phylogenetic analysis of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV-2) in fetuses and stillbirth with natural infection.CARON, L.; SCHAEFER, R.; RITTERBUSCH, G. A.; ESTEVES, P. A.; SIMON, N. L.; ZANELLA, J. R. C.
2012Detection of influenza A virus in porcine nasal swab and oral fluid samples by quantitative real-time RT-PCR.GAVA, D.; SCHAEFER, R.; SCHWARZ, P.; ZIMMERMANN, S.; COLDEBELLA, A.; ZANELLA, J. R. C.
2012Detection of emerging parvoviruses and anellovirus in lung of captive wild boars.SOUZA, C. K. de S.; GAVA, D.; MOSENA, A. C. S.; BIONDO, N.; SCHAEFER, R.; ZANELLA, J. R. C.; BARCELLOS, D. E. S. N. de; CANAL, C. W.
2012Absence of PRRSV antibodies and antigen in sera and oral fluids samples from Brazilian swine herds.ZANELLA, J. R. C.; GAVA, D.; SCHAEFER, R.; CARON, L.; SILVA, V. S.; ARAÚJO JÚNIOR, J. P.; CRUZ, T. F.; ZIMMERMANN, S.; ZIMMERMANN, J. J.
2012Full genome sequencing of a human-like H1N2 swine influenza virus.SCHAEFER, R.; CANTAO, M. E.; ROCHA, C. S.; GAVA, D.; ZANELLA, J. R. C.
2012Serological and molecular evidence of hepatitis B vírus infection in swine from Brazil.VIEIRA, Y. R.; VIEIRA, A. A.; ZANELLA, J. R. C.; BARQUERO, G.; LAGO, B. V.; GOMES, S. A.; SILVA, M. F. M.; SANTOS, D. R. L.; PINTO, M. A.; DE PAULA, V. S.