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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Inoculant promotes wheat yield increase.CASTRO, R. L. de; TEIXEIRA, G. D.; LIMA, T. M. de; CAIERAO, E.; CARGNIN, A.
2013Parental selection of wheat lines based on phenotypic characterization and genetic diversity.CASASSOLA, A.; BRAMMER, S. P.; CHAVES, M. S.; WIETHÖLTER, P.; CAIERAO, E.
2013BRS 374 - Wheat cultivar.CAIERAO, E.
2013Diagrammatic scale for the assessment of blast on wheat spikes.MACIEL, J. L. N.; DANELLI, A. L. D.; BOARETTO, C.; FORCELINI, C. A.
2013The importance for food security of maintaining rust resistance in wheat.CHAVES, M. S.
2013Natural occurrence of deoxynivalenol in wheat from Parana State, Brazil and estimated daily intake by wheat products.SANTOS, J. S. dos; SOUZA, T. M.; ONO, E. Y. S.; HASHIMOTO, E; H.; BASSOI, M. C.; MIRANDA, M. Z. de; ITANO, E. N.; KAWAMURA, O.; HIROOKA, E. Y.
2016Development of methodologies for virus detection in soybean and wheat seeds.BOTELHO, S. R. A.; MARTINS, T. P.; DUARTE, M. F.; BARBOSA, A. V.; LAU, D.; FERNANDES, F. R.; SANCHES, M. M.
2016Alleles of organic acid transporter genes are highly correlated with wheat resistance to acidic soil in field conditions.AGUILERA, J. G.; MINOZZO, J. A. D.; BARICHELLO, D.; FOGAÇA, C. M.; SILVA JUNIOR, J. P. da; CONSOLI, L.; PEREIRA, J. F.
2012Pragas iniciais que comprometem até o fim.PEREIRA, P. R. V. da S.; LAU, D.; MARSARO JÚNIOR, A. L.; PANIZZI, A. R.
2012Genetic parameters of wheat populations in environments with contrasting temperatures.OLIVEIRA, D. M. de; SOUZA, M. A. de; MACHADO, J. C.; CARGNIN, A.