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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Laboratorio de calidade nutricional.LONDOÑO, L. F.; JARAMILLO, A. M.; PATIÑO, G.; TALSMA, E. F.; NUTTI, M.
2017Essential oil composition from hop cultivated at Southern Brazil.DESCHAMPS, C.; MAIA, B. H. L. N. S.; FERRIANI, A. P.; CIPRIANI, R.; GOMES, E.; BIZZO, H. R.; MATTOS, R.; TAGLIAFERRO, A. L.
2017Essential oils yield and composition of Myrtaceae species from Atlantic Forest of South Brazil.DESCHAMPS, C.; AMARAL, W. do; BIZZO, H. R.; PINTO, M. A. S.; BIASI, L. A.; SILVA, L. E. da
2017Effect of ozone treatment in wheat quality of whole grain wheat flour.MIRANDA, M. Z. de; GALDEANO, M. C.; FREITAS-SILVA, O.; TATSCH, P. O.
2017Effect of extracts of jabuticaba (Myrciaria jaboticaba) and jamun berry (Syzygium cumini) on human colon adenocarcinoma cells (HT-29).LEANDRO, M.; LAGUERZA, C. B. D.; PASCOAL, G. de F.; BORGUINI, R. G.; SANTIAGO, M. C. P. de A.; FRAUCHES, N.; ABREU, J. P. de; GODOY, R. L. de O.; TEODORO, A. J.
2017Biscoitos com batata-doce de polpa alaranjada: da formulação ao armazenamento.SOUSA, L. B. T. de; MARQUES, G. de A.; CARVALHO, J. L. V. de; MINGUITA, A. P. da S.; SILVA, E. M. M.
2017Chemical characterization and evaluation of the microbiological quality of juçaí pulp (Euterpe edulis) native to the state of Rio de Janeiro.GOMES, P. B.; CARVALHO, L. M. de; PAIVA, S.; MOTTA, R.; LEITE, D. M. da C.; CARVALHO, J. L. V. de; SOARES, A. G.
2017Development of a probiotic chocolate flavoured beverage using consumer-based methodologies.OLIVEIRA, D.; CAIMI, D.; JAUNARENA, I.; GIMÉNEZ, A.; ROSENTHAL, A.; ARES, G.; DELIZA, R.
2017Developing fruit smoothie for children and adolescents.ROCHA, W. S.; FONSECA, V. V.; OLIVEIRA, D.; MARTINS, I. B. A.; ALCANTARA, M.; DELIZA, R.
2017Exploring consumer memorability of cold meat: insights for marketing and product development.ANDRADE, J.; ARES, G.; DELIZA, R.