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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Soil water availability as affected by the cover crop Pueraria phaseoloides in the Central Amazon.MARQUES, J.; TEIXEIRA, W.; LEHMANN, J.
2002Importance of Pueraria phaseoloides for the N cycle in tropical tree production.SILVA JR. J. P.; LEHMANN, J.
2002Microbial biomass as affect by litter quality and fertilization on a xanthic ferrasol.SILVA JR. J. P.; SILVA, R. B.; FERNANDES, T. P.; LEHMANN, J.
2000African mahagony - alternative for Amazonian agroforestry?D'ANGELO, S. A.; SCHROTH, G.
2000Soil nutrient leaching in mixed tree cropping systems in the central Amazon.RENCK, A.; LEHMANN, J.; TEIXEIRA, W.; HUWE, B.; ZECH, W.
2000Single tree-effects on denitrification and soil microbial biomass in agroforestry systems and natural forests of the Amazon region.MENYAILO, O.; LEHMANN, J.; CRAVO, M.; ZECH, W.
1996Comportamento do mogno (Swietenia macrophylla Kinf) em sistemas agroflorestais na Amazônia Ocidental.SOUSA, S. G. A. de; MATOS, J. C.; ARCOVERDE, M.; WANDELLI, E.; PERIN, R.; FERNANDES, E.
1996Avaliação de sistemas agroflorestais em áreas de pastagens abandonadas e/ou degradadas na Amazônia Ocidental.SOUSA, S. G. A. de; FERNANDES, E. C. M.; MATOS, J. C. de S.; PERIN, R.; WANDELLI, E. V.; ARCOVERDE, M.; NEVES, A. L.
1996Comportamento de cinco espécies nativas sob plantio florestal.SOUZA, A. das G. C. de; SILVA, S. E. L. da; LIMA, R. M. B. de; SOUSA, N. R.
1995Biomass production and mineral element supply of selected useful tropical plants.SCHMIDT, P.; LIEBEREI, R.; PREISINGER, H.; BAUCH, J.; GASPAROTTO, L.