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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Chemical of soils with histic horizon of lakes and riparian of the Savanna, Northern Amazonia, Brazil.DUARTE, E. D. R. S.; MELO, V. F.; NOVOTNY, E. H.; UCHÔA, S. C. P.; FARIAS, H. L. S.; VELOSO, G. V.; AMORIM, R. J. P.; MATIAS, T. M. de L. C.; CABRAL, J. V. de P.
2019Fuzzy logic in automation for interpretation of adaptability and stability in plant breeding studies.CARNEIRO, A. R. T.; SANGLARD, D. A.; AZEVEDO, A. M.; SOUZA, T. L. P. O. de; PEREIRA, H. S.; MELO, L. C.
2019Efficacy and mode of action of blossom thinners on "Fuji More" apple trees.MARCHIORETTO, L. de R.; RUFATO, A. de R.; AMARAL, L. O. do; RIBEIRO, A. M. A. de S.
2019Development of Diagnostic SCAR Markers for Meloidogyne graminicola, M. Oryzae, and M. salasi associated with irrigated rice fields in Americas.MATTOS, V. da S.; MULET, K.; CARES, J. E.; GOMES, C. B.; FERNANDEZ, D.; SA, M. F. G. de; CASTAGNONE-SERENO, P.; CARNEIRO, R. M. D. G.
2019Double-stranded RNA high-throughput sequencing reveals a new Cytorhabdovirus in a bean golden mosaic virus-resistant common bean transgenic line.ALVES-FREITAS, D. M. T.; PINHEIRO-LIMA, B.; FARIA, J. C.; LACORTE, C.; RIBEIRO, S. G.; MELO, F. L.
2019Feeding frequency affects feed intake and growth in juvenile pirarucu (Arapaima gigas).RODRIGUES, A. P. O.; LIMA, A. F.; ANDRADE, C. L.; MEDEIROS, R. M. dos S. de
2019Independent and Joint-GWAS for growth traits in Eucalyptus by assembling genome-wide data for 3373 individuals across four breeding populations.MULLER, B. S. F.; ALMEIDA FILHO, J. E. de; LIMA, B. M.; GARCIA, C. C.; MISSIAGGIA, A.; AGUIAR, A. M.; TAKAHASHI, E.; KIRST, M.; GEZAN, S. A.; SILVA JUNIOR, O. B. da; NEVES, L. G.; GRATTAPAGLIA, D.
2019Rearing two fruit flies pests on artificial diet with variable pH.DIAS, N. P.; NAVA, D. E.; SMONIOTTO, G.; GARCIA, M. S.; VALGAS, R. A.
2019The fishing productivity of the Araguaia river, Tocantins, Brazil.PRYSTHON, A.; DIAS, C. R. G.; VALÉRIO, J. F.
2019Synbiotic meal decreases uremic toxins in hemodialysis individuals: a placebo-controlled trial.LOPES, R. de C. S. O.; THEODORO, J. M. V.; SILVA, B. P. da; QUEIROZ, V. A. V.; MOREIRA, M. E. de C.; MANTOVANI, H. C.; HERMSDORFF, H. H.; MARTINO, H. S. D