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Research center of Embrapa/Collection: Embrapa Meio Ambiente - Resumo em anais de congresso (ALICE)
Date Issued: 2016
Type of Material: Resumo em anais de congresso (ALICE)
Authors: JESUS, K. R. E. de
Title: Consultation of scientific experts as a preliminary approach aiming to contribute with the discussion of nanotechnology regulation.
Publisher: In: ENCONTRO ANUAL DA SOCIEDADE BRASILEIRA DE PESQUISA EM MATERIAIS, 15., 2016, Campinas. [Abstracts...] Rio de Janeiro: Sociedade Brasileira de Pesquisas em Materiais, 2016. Resumo B62M.
Language: en
Description: The expansion of the applications of nanostructured materials in various sectors of the economy has alerted the scientific community to the need to consider and anticipate the importance of a regulatory definition for the Nanotechnology. The regulatory requisite has been often decisive for companies opting for the use of new technologies and especially for decision on investment in some countries that have a regulatory framework better structured. In order to identify the best way to lead the discussion that contributes to the subject of regulation in Brazil it has been organized a workshop with the presence of experts from the scientific community and policy makers. As a result, questions were developed that addressed the regulatory process of nanotechnology in order to analyze the knowledge and the placement of specialists who are directly linked to the development of nanotechnologies. These were made available for 214 active specialists in related areas of Nanotechnology in a questionnaire formatted for website applying the Delphi technique in Limesurvey platform. The analysis of the results and consolidation of the responses was made by the project team and invited a panel of experts to discuss the query results and set the directions. In general, the integration of data obtained in the remote and face-to-face consultation allows to infer that the definition of general protocols and some specific protocols with a description of the most important tests to evaluate the safety, focusing on toxicological and ecotoxicological tests, could support both the scientific community as the regulators agents to base the discussion of the most relevant concerns in this area.
Thesagro: Regulamentação.
NAL Thesaurus: Nanotechnology
Data Created: 2017-04-17
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