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Research center of Embrapa/Collection: Embrapa Gado de Leite - Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE)
Date Issued: 2017
Type of Material: Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE)
Authors: LOPES, C. M.
ARAÚJO, S. A. do C.
GOMIDE, C. A. de M.
BRAZ, T. G. dos S.
Additional Information: Clenardo Macedo Lopes, UFVJM; DOMINGOS SAVIO CAMPOS PACIULLO, CNPGL; Saulo Alberto do Carmo Araújo, UFVJM; MIRTON JOSE FROTA MORENZ, CNPGL; CARLOS AUGUSTO DE MIRANDA GOMIDE, CNPGL; Rogério Martins Maurício, UFSJ; Thiago Gomes dos Santos Braz, UFMG.
Title: Plant morphology and herbage accumulation of signal grass with or without fertilization, under different light regimes.
Publisher: Ciência Rural, v. 47, n. 2, 2017.
Pages: 7 p.
Language: en
Keywords: Shading
Silvopastoral system
Tiller density.
Description: The silvopastoral system has been suggested as an alternative to recover degraded pastures in tropical regions. However, trees reduce the light available for pastures, which may affect the growth and herbage accumulation. The objective of this study was to evaluate the morphogenesis, canopy structure and herbage accumulation of signalgrass (Brachiaria decumbens) subjected to three light regimes (0,20 and 70% of natural shading) and two fertilization levels (presence or absence of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Leaf and stem elongation rates increased under shading but did not vary with fertilization. The leaf appearance rate was greater under fertilizer treatment but was generally similar among light regimes. The tiller density was greater in full sun and lower in intense shading. Tiller density responded to fertilization under full sun and moderate shading. Herbage accumulation increased by 42% with fertilization under full sun, 12% under moderate shading and did not vary under intense shading. Results showed that even under fertilization the herbage accumulation was limited by reduced light. However, under moderate shade the fertilization was important to raise tiller population over the growth cycles.
Thesagro: Brachiaria Decumbens.
NAL Thesaurus: morphogenesis.
Data Created: 2017-07-07
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