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Title: Mineralogy of the deferrified clay fraction in B horizon of pedons of the VIIIth International Soil Classification Workshop.
Authors: ANTONELLO, L. L.
Date Issued: 1988
Citation: In: INTERNATIONAL SOIL CLASSIFICATION WORKSHOP, 8., 1986, Rio de Janeiro. Classification, characterization and utilization of oxisols: proceedings. Rio de Janeiro: EMBRAPA-SNLCS: USDA-SMSS: University of Puerto Rico, 1988. pt. 1, p. 109-138.
Description: A mineralogical of the deferrified clay fraction in "B horizons" of 22 pedons located in the Brazilian states of Goias, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, RIo de Jnaeiro, and the Federal District was carried out. Most of the samples were taken from the Bo2 and Bto horizons. Kaolinite, gibbsite, hydroxy-interlayered vermiculite, and mica are the minerals present. Kaolinite and gibbsite are the dominant ones. Pedons with increasing weathering intensity have gibbsite increase and lower Ki rations; pedons with decreasing weathering intensity have mica and hydroxy-interlayered vermiculite content increase and higher Ki rations.
Thesagro: Mineralogia
NAL Thesaurus: Oxisols
Language: Ingles
Type of Material: Anais e Proceedings de eventos
Access: openAccess
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