About the Alice repository

The objective of Embrapa's Open Access Repository to Scientific Information (Alice) is to gather, organize, store, preserve and disseminate information which has been published as books chapters, journal articles, conference papers, theses and dissertations, technical notes, among other formats. By using international standards, ALICE is interoperable with many other open access systems worldwide, increasing the impact and visibility of Embrapa’s research outputs and integrating a global scientific information network.

Conception and Development

The Alice repository, as well as the 'Infoteca-e' repository (Open Access to Scientific Information of Embrapa) and the data provider Sabiia (Open Integrated Information System in Agriculture) were conceived within the scope of an Open Access to Scientific Information project at Embrapa. It results from a partnership between collaborators from Embrapa Technological Information, Embrapa Agricultural Informatics and Embrapa’s Library System team. DSpace (www.dspace.org), a open source tool was used for both repositories, Alice and Infoteca-e.

Inside the Alice repository

The digital publications that are available on the ALICE repository result from Embrapa's research and development projects and activities and are organized in communities representing each of the company's Central and Decentralized Units distributed throughout Brazil. Each community, in turn, is subdivided into collections, composed of different types of publications, among which: scientific articles, books and chapters, conference papers, technical notes, and theses/dissertations. In addition to the categorization in communities and collections, the documents are also grouped by authors, titles, subjects and date of submission to the repository. Furthermore, to facilitate access to publications of interest to users, the Alice repository has an advanced and flexible search engine, which runs and finds terms in both the Dublin Core metadata and the full text of each document.

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