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2023Biology of Glyphepomis dubia Campos & Souza, 2016 (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and the parasitoids Telenomus podisi Ashmead, 1893 and Trissolcus basalis (Wollaston, 1858) (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) on rice.SOUZA, J. R.; SILVA, C. G.; BARRIGOSSI, J. A. F.; MATOS JUNIOR, J. B.; CONCEIÇÃO, D. P.; SOUSA, G. O.
12-Jan-2022Qualidade tecnológica do sorgo sob manejo de maturadores químicos.MOREIRA, B. R. de A.; VIANA, R. S.; FIGUEIREDO, P. A. M. de; RAMOS, S. B.; TEIXEIRA FILHO, M. C. M.; MAY, A.; CRUZ, V. H.; LOPES, P. R. M.
2022Development of the prickly pear cactus Opuntia stricta (Haw.) Haw. (Cactaceae) in vitro in response to the replacement of potassium nitrate for a commercial kno3 fertilizer.FERREIRA, C. C. de S.; PAZ, C. D. da; SOUZA, J. C. de; PEIXORO, A. R.; RIOS, L. S.; NASCIMENTO, A. R.; RIBEIRO, J. M.; MELO, N. F. de; TEIXEIRA, S. L.; ARAÚJO, J. F.
2022Maturation and quality of BRS Magna grapes influenced by rootstocks in rainy season.SANTOS, L. F. dos; NASCIMENTO, J, H, B.; RODRIGUES, A. A. M.; ANDRADE NETO, E. R.; LIMA, M. A. C. de
2022Sugar content variation in elephant grass germplasm.CUNHA, T. R. da; PEREIRA, A. V.; LEDO, F. J. da S.; DAHER, R. F.; MACHADO, J. C.
2022Exchangeable potassium reserve in a Brazilian savanna Oxisol after nine years under different cotton production systems.FERREIRA, A. C. de B.; BORIN, A. L. D. C.; LAMAS, F. M.; FERREIRA, G. B.; RESENDE, A. V. de
2022Nursery performance of potentially promising rootstocks for citriculture in the south of Brazil.MARQUES, L. O. D.; MELLO-FARIAS, P.; OLIVEIRA, R. P. de; DINI, M.; SANTOS, R. F. DOS; MALGARIM, M. B.; SOARES FILHO, W. dos S.
2022Biomass and vegetation index by remote sensing in different caatinga forest areas.LUZ, L. R.; GIONGO, V.; SANTOS, A. M. dos; LOPES, R. J. de C.; LIMA JÚNIOR, C. de
2022Genetic structure analysis of Mauritia flexuosa natural population from the Lençóis Maranhenses region using microsatellite markers.CASTRO, D. A. M.; COSTA, T. S.; CARDOS, A. S.; RAMOS, H. C. C.; LÓPEZ, J. A.; DINIZ, L. E. C.
2022Fungivory: a new and complex ecological function of Doru luteipes (Scudder) (Dermaptera: Forficulidae).SILVA, D. D. da; MENDES, S. M.; PARREIRA, D. F.; PACHECO, R. C.; MARUCCI, R. C.; COTA, L. V.; COSTA, R. V. da; FIGUEIREDO, J. E. F.
2022First record of Dysmicoccus boninsis Kuwana, 1909 (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) on sugarcane in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.STURZA, V. S.; PERONTI, A. L. B. G.; NAVA, D. E.
2022Morphophysiological aspects of ornamental sunflowers cultivated in different growing seasons under semi-arid conditions.SILVA, S. D. P. da; SOUZA, G. P. de; CHAVES, A. R. de M.; SILVA, M. A. da; SOUZA, R. R. de; CAVALCANTE, M. Z. B.
2022Soybean yield prediction using remote sensing in Southwestern Piauí State, Brazil.ANDRADE, T. G.; ANDRADE JUNIOR, A. S. de; SOUZA, M. O.; LOPES, J. W. B.; VIEIRA, P. F. de M. J.
2022Functional and numerical responses of the predatory mite Amblyseius aerialis (Acari: Phytoseiidae) to Aceria guerreronis (Acari: Eriophyidae).FERREIRA, C. T.; NORONHA, A. C. da S.; SOUZA NETO, E. P.; OLIVEIRA, R. P. de; LINS, P. M. P.; BATISTA, T. F. V.
2022Performance of sweet potato genotypes in Brazilian regions.MELLO, A. F. S.; SILVA, G. O. da; NUNES, M. U. C.; CELESTINO FILHO, P.; SILVA, W. B.; MOITA, A. W.; CARVALHO, J. L. V. de; NUTTI, M. R.
2022Correlation between vegetation indexes generated at Vitis Vinifera L. and soil, plant and production parameters for emergency application in decision making.SANTOS, M. da S.; GEBLER, L.; SEBEM, E.
2022Phenotypic stability and adaptability of sweet sorghum genotypes evaluated in different Brazilian regions.SILVA, R. A. da; SILVA, M. J. da; RIBEIRO, P. C. de O.; PARRELLA, N. N. L. D.; SCHAFFERT, R. E.; PARRELLA, R. A. da C.
2022Effectiveness-equity tradeoffs in enforcing exclusionary supply chain policies: Lessons from the Amazonian cattle sector.CAMMELLI, F.; LEVY, S. A.; GRABS, J.; VALENTIM, J. F.; GARRETT, R. D.
2022Phosphorus acquisition from phosphate rock by soil cover crops, maize, and a buckwheat?maize cropping system.LOPES, V. A.; WEI, M. C. F.; CARDOSO, T. M.; MARTINS, E. de S.; CASAGRANDE, J. C.; MARIANO, E. D.
2022Physicochemical and toxicity investigation of chitosan-based dsRNA nanocarrier formation.PETRÔNIO, M. S.; BARROS-ALEXANDRINO, T. T.; LIMA, A. M. F.; ASSIS, O. B. G.; INOUE-NAGATA, A. K.; NAKASU, E. Y. T.; TIERA, M. J.; PILON, L.