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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015How pervasive is biotic homogenization in human-modified tropical forests?SOLAR, R.; BARLOW, J.; FERREIRA, J.; BERENGUER, E.; LEES, A.; LOUZADA, J.; MAUES, M.; MOURA, N.; OLIVEIRA, V.; CHAUL, J.; RIBAS, C.; SCHOEREDER, J. H.; MAC NALLY, R.; THOMSON, J. R.; VIEIRA, I. C. G.; GARDNER, T.
2016Prioritizing forest protection, reforestation, and avoided disturbance in the eastern Amazon.THOMPSON, J.; FERREIRA, J. N.; ARAGÃO, L.; BARLOW, J.; BERENGUER, E.; BRANCALLION, P.; FERRAZ, S.; FONSECA, T.; GARDNER, T.; GARRETT, R.; OLIVEIRA, V. H. F.; LEES, A.; LENNOX, G.; LOUZADA, J.; NALLY, R. M.; MOURA, N.; NUNES, S.; PARRY, L.; SOLAR, R.; VIEIRA, I.
2012Quantifying landscape degradation at a deforestation frontier in the Brazilian Amazon.GARDNER, T.; NUNES, S.; FERRAZ, S.; CARDOSO, T.; BEGOTTI, R. A.; SIQUEIRA, J. V.; BARLOW, J.; BERENGUER, E.; FERREIRA, J.; LEES, A.; PARRY, L.; VENTURIERI, A.; SOUZA JUNIOR, C.
2012Recovery of forest biodiversity and carbon stocks following degradation and natural regeneration in the Amazon.FERREIRA, J. N.; GARDNER, T.; BERENGUER, E.; LEES, A.; MOURA, N. G.; SOLAR, R.; FONSECA, V. H.; LOUZADA, J.; CARDOSO, T.; VIEIRA, I.; PARRY, L.; SOUZA, C.; BARLOW, J.
2012Responses of insect diversity and function to landscape change in the Amazon.LOUZADA, J.; BRAGA, R. F.; NICHOLS, E.; FRANÇA, F. M.; OLIVEIRA, V. H. F.; SOLAR, R.; KORASAKI, V.; SCHIFFLER, G.; BERENGUER, E.; BARLOW, J.; FERREIRA, J.; GARDNER, T.
2016Seeing the woods through the saplings: using wood density to assess post-disturbance recovery of human-modified tropical forests.BERENGUER, E.; GARDNER, T.; FERREIRA, J. N.; ARAGÃO, L.; NALLY, R. M.; THOMSON, J.; VIEIRA, I.; BARLOW, J.
2016Small rivers, big impacts: environmental disturbances to aquatic biodiversity in Eastern Amazon.LEAL, C.; LEITÃO, R.; CAMPOS, V.; OLIVEIRA-JUNIOR, J. M.; SILVA, K.; BRITO, J.; JUEN, L.; POMPEU, P.; BARLOW, J.; FERREIRA, J. N.; ZUANON, J.; HAMADA, N.; HUGHES, R.; KAUFMANN, P.; ROSSETTI, F.; FERRAZ, S.; THOMPSON, J.; NALLY, R. M.; GARDNER, T.
2005The biodiversity value of primary forests, native second growth and Eucalyptus plantations in Amazonian Brazil.BARLOW, J.; OVERAL, W. L.; VENTURIERI, G.; MESTRE, L.; FERREIRA, L.; GARDNER, T.; PERES, C. A.
2012The Importance Of Degradation On Tropical Forests.BERENGUER, E.; BARLOW, J.; FERREIRA, J.; GARDNER, T.