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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Identifying classes of degraded forests in an amazonian landscape from remote-sensing.BOURGOIN, C.; BAGHDADI, N.; BLANC, L.; FERREIRA, J.; GOND, V.; MAZZEI, L.; OZWALD, Y.
2012Long term Impact of logging on carbon storage and tree diversity in the Amazon Basin.SIST, P.; MAZZEI, L.; BLANC, L.; RUSCHEL, A.; ROSSI, V.; KANSHIRO, M.
2016A methodological framework to assess the carbon balance of tropical managed forests.PIPONIOT, C.; CABON, A.; DESCROIX, L.; DOURDAIN, A.; MAZZEI, L.; OULIAC, B.; RUTISHAUSER, E.; SIST, P.; HÉRAULT, B.
2012Phytosociological structure of an intensively logged forest in the Amazon, Brazil.MACHDADO, H. B.; RUSCHEL, A. R.; MAZZEI, L.; SOARES, M. H. M.; SMOGINSKI, A. P. A.; SILVA, W. F. M.; YARED, J. A. G.
2014Post-logging stand dynamics of a tropical rain forest in the Brazilian Amazon.AVILA, A. de; RUSCHEL, A.; CARVALHO, J. de; SILVA, J.; MAZZEI, L.; CASTRO, T.; BAUHUS, J.
2015Rapid tree carbon stock recovery in managed Amazonian forests.RUTISHAUSER, E.; HÉRAULT, B.; BARALOTO, C.; BLANC, L.; DESCROIX, L.; SOTTA, E. D.; FERREIRA, J.; KANASHIRO, M.; MAZZEI, L.; OLIVEIRA, M. V. N. d'; OLIVEIRA, L. C. de; PEÑA-CLAROS, M.; PUTZ, F. E.; RUSCHEL, A. R.; RODNEY, K.; ROOPSIND, A.; SHENKIN, A.; SILVA, K. E. da; SOUZA, C. R. de; TOLEDO, M.; VIDAL, E.; WEST, T. A. P.; WORTEL, V.; SIST, P.
2015The tropical managed forests observatory: a research network addressing the future of tropical logged forests.SIST, P.; RUTISHAUSER, E.; PEÑA-CLAROS, M.; SHENKIN, A.; HERAULT, B.; BLANC, L.; BARALOTO, C.; BAYA, F.; BENEDET, F.; SILVA, K. E. da; DESCROIX, L.; FERREIRA, J. N.; GOURLET-FLEURY, S.; GUEDES, M. C.; BIN HARUN, I.; JALONEN, R.; KANASHIRO, M.; KRISNAWATI, H.; KSHATRIYA, M.; LINCOLN, P.; MAZZEI, L.; MEDJIBÉ, V.; NASI, R.; OLIVEIRA, M. V. N. d'; OLIVEIRA, L. C. de; PICARD, N.; PIETSCH, S.; PINARD, M.; PRIYADI, H.; PUTZ, F. E.; RODNEY, K.; ROSSI, V.; ROOPSIND, A.; RUSCHEL, A. R.; ZAMAH SHARI, N. H.; SOUZA, C. R. de; SUSANTY, F. H.; SOTTA, E. D.; TOLEDO, M.; VIDAL, E.; WEST, T. A. P.; WORTEL, V.; YAMADA, T.