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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Rhizosphere bacterial communities as a strategy in wheat protection against root rot caused by Bipolaris sorokiniana.FARIA, M. R. de; COSTA, L. S. A. S.; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; ROSSMANN, M.; BETTIOL, W.; MENDES, R.
2014Rhizosphere bacterial community composition in wild and modern common bean.FLORES, S. W. S.; MENDES, L. W.; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; MENDES, R.
2018Rhizosphere interactions for disease suppression and biocontrol.MENDES, R.
2016Rhizosphere mibrobiome and plant disease suppression.MENDES, R.
2015Rhizosphere microbial community composition of common beans with different levels of resistance to Fusarium oxysporum.MENDES, L. W.; MENDES, R.; TSAI, S. M.
2015Sheep rumen shotgun sequencing for biomass-degrading genes discovery.KMIT, M. C. P.; LIMA, A. O. S.; ROMAGNOLI, E. M.; ABDALLA, A. L.; MENDES, R.
2015Sugar cane bagasse affects bacterial community dynamics in the sheep rumen.MENDES, R.; ROMAGNOLI, E. M.; DUNLAP, C.; ABDALLA, A. L.
2018The role of common bean rhizosphere bacterial communities on phosphorus mobilization.CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; BULGARELLI, D.; COSTA, L. S. A. S.; ROSSMANN, M.; MENDES, R.
2018The spermosphere effect: building up plant microbiome assembly.PÉREZ-JARAMILLO, J. E.; CARRION, V. J.; HOLLANDER, M. de; MENDES, R.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.
2013Water regime influences bulk soil and rhizosphere of Cereus jamacaru bacterial communities in the Brazilian caatinga biome.KAVAMURA, V. N.; TAKETANI, R. G.; LANÇONI, M. D.; ANDREOTE, F. D.; MENDES, R.; MELO, I. S. de
2016Wheat breeding and its impact on root exudates and rhizosphere bacterial communities.KAVAMURA, V. N.; CLARK, I.; HIRSCH, P. R.; SARRIA, A. F.; MELO, I. S. de; ROSSMANN, M.; MENDES, R.; BIRKETT, M.; MAUCHLINE, T.
2018Wheat breeding influences root traits and selection of bacterial communities in the rhizosphere.KAVAMURA, V. N.; CLARK, I.; HIRSCH, P. R.; CAULFIELD, J.; SARRIA, A. F.; ROSSMANN, M.; BIRKETT, M.; MELO, I. S. de; MENDES, R.; MAUCHLINE, T.
2016Wheat domestication impacts on rhizosphere bacterial community assembly (back to the roots iniciative).ROSSMANN, M.; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; KAVAMURA, V. N.; MENDES, R.
2018Wheat rhizosphere bacterial communities and tolerance against root rot caused by Fusarium graminearum.COSTA, L. S. A. S.; FARIA, M. R. de; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; ROSSMANN, M.; BETTIOL, W.; MENDES, R.
2013Whole-genome shotgun sequencing of Rhodococcus erythropolis strain p27, a highly radiation-resistant actinomycete from Antarctica.TAKETANI, R. G.; ZUCCHI, T. D.; MELO, I. S. de; MENDES, R.