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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The role of common bean rhizosphere bacterial communities on phosphorus mobilization.CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; BULGARELLI, D.; COSTA, L. S. A. S.; ROSSMANN, M.; MENDES, R.
2018The spermosphere effect: building up plant microbiome assembly.PÉREZ-JARAMILLO, J. E.; CARRION, V. J.; HOLLANDER, M. de; MENDES, R.; RAAIJMAKERS, J. M.
2013Water regime influences bulk soil and rhizosphere of Cereus jamacaru bacterial communities in the Brazilian caatinga biome.KAVAMURA, V. N.; TAKETANI, R. G.; LANÇONI, M. D.; ANDREOTE, F. D.; MENDES, R.; MELO, I. S. de
2016Wheat breeding and its impact on root exudates and rhizosphere bacterial communities.KAVAMURA, V. N.; CLARK, I.; HIRSCH, P. R.; SARRIA, A. F.; MELO, I. S. de; ROSSMANN, M.; MENDES, R.; BIRKETT, M.; MAUCHLINE, T.
2018Wheat breeding influences root traits and selection of bacterial communities in the rhizosphere.KAVAMURA, V. N.; CLARK, I.; HIRSCH, P. R.; CAULFIELD, J.; SARRIA, A. F.; ROSSMANN, M.; BIRKETT, M.; MELO, I. S. de; MENDES, R.; MAUCHLINE, T.
2016Wheat domestication impacts on rhizosphere bacterial community assembly (back to the roots iniciative).ROSSMANN, M.; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; KAVAMURA, V. N.; MENDES, R.
2018Wheat rhizosphere bacterial communities and tolerance against root rot caused by Fusarium graminearum.COSTA, L. S. A. S.; FARIA, M. R. de; CHIARAMONTE, J. B.; ROSSMANN, M.; BETTIOL, W.; MENDES, R.
2013Whole-genome shotgun sequencing of Rhodococcus erythropolis strain p27, a highly radiation-resistant actinomycete from Antarctica.TAKETANI, R. G.; ZUCCHI, T. D.; MELO, I. S. de; MENDES, R.