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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Management of leguminous cover crops to improve soil fertility in Central Amazonia.RODRIGUES, M. do R.; BECK, L.; DIAS, M. C.; FÖRSTER, B.; GARCIA, T.; GARCIA, M.; HANAGARTH, W.; HÖFER, H.; MARTIUS, C.; RÖMBKE, J.; XAVIER, J. J.
2004Managing plant residues to improve soil fertility in central Amazonian agroecosystems. An integrated approach with agricultural trials, controlled field and laboratory experiments, ecotoxicological tests and a screenning of eight different plantations with regard to soil macrofauna and decomposition.HÖFER, H.; BURGER, D.; FÖRSTER, B.; GARCIA, M. V. B.; GARCIA, T.; HANAGARTH, W.; MARTIUS, C.; RODRIGUES, M. R. L.; RÖMBKE, J.; SCHMIDT, P.; VERHAAGH, M.
2005Métodos para avaliação da toxicidade de hidrocarbonetos de petróleo em solos tropicais.GARCIA, M.; RÖMBKE, J.; GARCIA, T.; MARTINS, G.; TEIXEIRA, W.
2008Minhocas nativas como indicadoras da contaminação do solo.GARCIA, M.; BRITO, M.; GARCIA, T.; PINHEIRO, S.; MESTRINHO, C.; RÖMBKE, J.
2004Proposta de um substrato artificial para testes de toxicidade em regiões tropicais.GARCIA, M.; SANTANA, M.; RÖMBKE, J.; GARCIA, T.
2009State of the science and the way forward for the ecotoxicological assessment of contaminated land.KUPERMAN, R. G.; CHECKAI, R. T.; GARCIA, M. V. B.; RÖMBKE, J.; STEPHENSON, G. L.; SOUSA, J. P.
2001Structure and function of soil fauna communities in Amazonian anthropogenic and natural ecosystems.HÖFFER, H.; HANAGARTH, W.; GARCIA, M. V. B.; MARTIUS, C.; FRANKLIN, E.; RÖMBKE, J.; BECK, L.
2011The effects of the insecticide lambda-Cyhalothrin on the earthworm Eisenia fetida under experimental conditions of tropical and temperate regions.GARCIA, M. V. B.; SCHEFFCZYK, A.; GARCIA, T. B.; RÖMBKE, J.
2004The effects of two pesticides in semi-field tests under tropical conditions (Amazonia, Brazil).FÖRSTER, B.; GARCIA, M.; RÖMBKE, J.
2002The function of the soil macrofauna in decomposition processes in Central Amazonian polyculture systems and forests.HÖFER, H.; BECK, L.; FÖRSTER, B.; GARCIA, M.; HANAGARTH, W.; LUIZÃO, F.; LUIZÃO, R.; MARTIUS, C.; MORAIS, J. W.; RÖMBKE, J.
2009Tropical terrestrial model ecosystems for evaluation of soil fauna and leaf litter quality effects on litter consumption, soil microbial biomass and plant growth.FÖRSTER, B.; GARCIA, M. V. B.; HÖFER, H.; MORGAN, E.; RÖMBKE, J.