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2016Antimicrobial properties of two novel peptides derived fromTheobroma cacao osmotin.FALCAO, L. L.; SILVA WERNECK, J. O.; RAMOS, A. de R.; MARTINS, N. F.; BRESSO, E.; RODRIGUES, M. A.; BEMQUERER, M. P.; MARCELLINO, L. H.
2019A chemosensory GPCR as a potential target to control the Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne incognita parasitism in plants.BRESSO, E.; FERNANDEZ, D.; AMORA, D. X.; NOEL, P.; PETITOT, A.-S.; SA, M. E. L. de; ALBUQUERQUE, E. V. S.; DANCHIN, E. G. J.; MAIGRET, B.; MARTINS, N. F.
2016GPCRs from fusarium graminearum detection, modeling and virtual screening - the search for new routes to control head blight disease.BRESSO, E.; TOGAWA, R.; HAMMOND-KOSACK, K.; URBAN, M.; MAIGRET, B.; MARTINS, N. F.
2018Meloidogyne incognita PASSE-MURAILLE (MiPM) gene encodes a cell-penetrating protein that interacts with the CSN5 subunit of the COP9 Signalosome.BOURNAUD, C.; GILLET, F-X.; MURAD, A. M.; BRESSO, E.; FREIRE, E. V. S. A.; SA, M. F. G. de
2016Searching for novel targets to control wheat Head Blight Disease-I-Protein identification, 3D modeling and virtual screening.MARTINS, N. F.; BRESSO, E.; TOGAWA, R. C.; URBAN, M.; ANTONIW, J.; MAIGRET, B.; HAMMOND-KOSACK, K.
2016Structure-based virtual screening of hypothetical inhibitors of the enzyme longiborneol synthase: a potential target to reduce Fusarium head blight disease.BRESSO, E.; LEROUX, V.; URBAN, M.; HAMMOND-KOSACK, K. E.; MAIGRET, B.; MARTINS, N. F.