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2016Genome of Rhizobium leucaenae strains CFN 299T and CPAO 29.8: searching for genes related to a successful symbiotic performance under stressful conditions.ORMEÑO-ORRILLO, E.; GOMES, D. F.; CERRO, P. del; VASCONCELOS, A. T. R.; CANCHAYA, C.; ALMEIDA, L. G. P.; MERCANTE, F. M.; JAVIER OLLERO, F.; MEGÍAS, M.; HUNGRIA, M.
2016NrcR, a new transcriptional regulator of Rhizobium tropici CIAT 899 involved in the Legume root-nodule symbiosis.CERRO, P. del; ROLLA-SANTOS, A. A. P.; VALDERRAMA-FERNANDEZ, R.; GIL-SERRANO, A.; BELLOGÍN, R. A.; GOMES, D. F.; MONTAÑO, F. P.; MEGÍAS, M.; HUNGRIA, M.; JAVIER OLLERO, F.
2015Opening the "black box" of nodD3, nodD4 and nodD5 genes of Rhizobium tropici strain CIAT 899.CERRO, P. del; ROLLA-SANTOS, A. A. P.; GOMES, D. F.; MARKS, B. B.; ESPUNY, M. del R.; RODRÍGUEZ-CARVAJAL, M. A.; SORIA-DÍAZ, M. E.; NAKATANI, A. S.; HUNGRIA, M.; JAVIER OLLERO, F.; MEGÍAS, M.
2015Regulatory nodD1 and nodD2 genes of Rhizobium tropici strain CIAT 899 and their roles in the early stages of molecular signaling and host-legume nodulation.CERRO, P. del; ROLLA-SANTOS, A. A. P.; GOMES, D. F.; MARKS, B. B.; PÉREZ-MONTAÑO, F.; RODRÍGUEZ-CARVAJAL, M. A.; NAKATANI, A. S.; GIL-SERRANO, A.; MEGÍAS, M.; OLLERO, F. J.; HUNGRIA, M.
2016RNA-seq analysis of the Rhizobium tropici CIAT 899 Transcripitome shows similarites in the activation patterns of symbiotic genes in the presence of apigenin and salt.PÉREZ-MONTAÑO, F.; CERRO, P. del; JIMÉNEZ-GUERRERO, I.; LÓPEZ-BAENA, F. J.; CUBO, M. T.; HUNGRIA, M.; MEGÍAS, M.; OLLERO, F. J.
2017The Rhizobium tropici CIAT 899 NodD2 protein regulates the production of Nod factors under salt stress in a flavonoid-independent manner.CERRO, P. del; PÉREZ-MONTAÑO, F.; GIL-SERRANO, A.; LÓPEZ-BAENA, F. J.; MEGÍAS, M.; HUNGRIA, M.; OLLERO, F. J.