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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Engineering soya bean seeds as a scalable platform to produce cyanovirin-N, a non-ARV microbicide against HIV.O'KEEFE, B. R.; MURAD, A. M.; VIANNA, G. R.; RAMESSAR, K.; SAUCEDO, C. J.; WILSON, J.; BUCKHEIT, K. W.; CUNHA, N. B. da; ARAUJO, A. C. G.; LACORTE, C. C.; MADEIRA, L.; MCMAHON, J. B.; RECH, E. L.
2013Expression and characterisation of recombinant molecules in transgenic soybean.CUNHA, N. B. da; MURAD, A. M.; VIANNA, G. R.; COELHO, C.; RECH FILHO, E. L.
2014Mass spectrometry characterisation of fatty acids from metabolically engineered soybean seeds.MURAD, A. M.; VIANNA, G. R.; MACHADO, A. M.; CUNHA, N. B. da; COELHO, C. M.; LACERDA, V. A. M.; COELHO, M. C.; RECH FILHO, E. L.
2014Molecular farming of human cytokines and blood products from plants: challenges in biosynthesis and detection of plant-produced recombinant proteins.CUNHA, N. B. da; VIANNA, G. R.; LIMA, T. da A.; RECH FILHO, E. L.
2006Partial resistance to Bean golden mosaic virus in a transgenic common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) line expressing a mutated rep gene.FARIA, J. C.; ALBINO, M. M. C.; DIAS, B. B. A.; CANÇADO, L. J.; CUNHA, N. B. da; SILVA, L. de M.; VIANNA, G. R.; ARAGÃO, F. J. L.
2019Plant genetic engineering: basic concepts and strategies for boosting the accumulation of recombinant proteins in crops.CUNHA, N. B. da; LEITE, M. L.; DIAS, S. C.; VIANNA, G. R.; RECH FILHO, E. L.
2014Recombinant biosynthesis of functional human growth hormone and coagulation factor IX in transgenic soybean seeds.CUNHA, N. B. da; MURAD, A. M.; VIANNA, G. R.; RECH FILHO, E. L.