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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Controllable synthesis characterizations of crystalline Na2V6O153.0H2O nanowiresAVANSI, W.; RIBEIRO, C.; LEITE, E. R.; MASTELARO, V. R.
2013Correlation between photoluminescence and structural defects in Ca1+xCu3-xTi4O12 systems.OLIVEIRA, L. H.; PARIS, E. C.; AVANSI, W.; RAMIREZ, M. A.; MASTELARO, V. R.; LONGO, E.; VARELA, J. A.
2013Femtosecond laser processing of glassy and polymeric matrices containing metals and semiconductor nanostructures.ALMEIDA, J. M. P.; TRIBUZI, V.; FONSECA, R. D.; OTUKA, A. J. G.; FERREIRA, P. H. D.; MASTELARO, V. R.; BRAJATO, P.; HERNANDES, A. C.; DEV, A.; VOSS, T.; CORREA, D. S.; MENDONÇA, C. R.
2011Multicomposites of Dendrimers and vanadium pentoxide nanostructures: application as pH sensors.FIGUEIREDO, A.; VIEIRA, N. C. S; AVANSI, W.; GUIMARÃES, F. E. G.; OLIVEIRA, C. R. de; ZUCOLOTTO, V.; MASTELARO, V. R.
2017SrTi1 - yFeyO3 samples obtained by hydrothermal method: The effect of the amount of Fe on structural and photocatalytic properties.MOURÃO, H. A. J. L.; LOPES, O. F.; AVANSI JUNIOR, W.; PIRES, M. J. M.; SOUZA, S.; OLIVEIRA, C. R. de; MASTELARO, V. R.
2008Synthesis and characterization of nanostrctured V2O5nH2O prepared throughout the hydrothermal method.AVANSI, W.; RIBEIRO, C.; LEITE, E. R.; MASTELARO, V. R.
2017Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles assisted br N sources and their application in the photodegradation of organic contaminants.SILVA, G. T. S. T.; CARVALHO, K. T. G.; LOPES, O. F.; GOMES, E. S.; MALAGUTTI, A. R.; MASTELARO, V. R.; OLIVEIRA, C. R. de; MOURÃO, H. A. J. L.
2017UV-enhanced ozone sensing response of ZnO-SnO2[subscrito] heterojunctions at room temperature.SILVA, L. F.; M'PEKO, J.-C.; CATTO, A. C.; BERNARDINI, S.; MASTELARO, V. R.; OLIVEIRA, C. R. de; LONGO, E.