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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A comparison between internal protein nanoenvironments of alfa-helices and beta-sheets.MAZONI, I.; SALIM, J. A.; MORAES, F. R. de; BORRO, L.; NESHICH, G.
2006A fast surface-matching procedure for protein-ligand docking.YAMAGISHI, M. E. B.; MARTINS, N. F.; NESHICH, G.; CAI, W.; SHAO, X.; BEAUTRAIT, A.; MAIGRET, B.
2010Analysis of binding properties and specificity through identification of the interface forming residues (IFR) for serine proteases in silico docked to different inhibitors.RIBEIRO, C.; TOGAWA, R. C.; NESHICH, I. A. P.; MAZONI, I.; MANCINI, A. L.; MINARDI, R. C. de M.; SILVEIRA, C. H. da; JARDINE, J. G.; SANTORO, M. M.; NESHICH, G.
2016Binding affinity prediction using a nonparametric regression model based on physicochemical and structural descriptors of the nano-environment for protein-ligand interactions.BORRO, L.; YANO, I. H.; MAZONI, I.; NESHICH, G.
2014Biologia computacional molecular e suas aplicações na agricultura.JARDINE, J. G.; NESHICH, I. A. P.; MAZONI, I.; YANO, I. H.; MORAES, F. R. de; SALIM, J. A.; BORRO, L.; NISHIMURA, L. S.; NESHICH, G.
2012BlueStar STING platform for analysis of protein structure / function relationship: designing agrochemicals to fit new protein targets for bacterial, fungal and insect control.NESHICH, G.
2006Building multiple sequence alignments with a flavor of HSSP alignments.HIGA, R. H.; CRUZ, S. A. B. da; KUSER, P. R.; YAMAGISHI, M. E. B.; FILETO, R.; OLIVEIRA, S. R. de M.; MAZONI, I.; SANTOS, E. H. dos; MANCINI, A. L.; NESHICH, G.
2008"Cloud computation" na forma de serviços WEB para um banco de dados federativo STING_RDB.NESHICH, G.; JARDINE, J. G.; BERNARDES, R.; MAZONI, I.; MANCINI, A. L.; SILVEIRA, C. da
2007Computational biology in Brazil.NESHICH, G.
2015Computational Biology tools in design of an agrochemical against Xylella fastidiosa.FULAZ, S. F.; CABRINI, F. M.; BORRO, L.; TASIC, L.; NESHICH, G.
2015Computational biology tools in design of an agrochemical against Xyllela fastidiosa.FULAZ, S. F.; CABRINI, F.; TASIC, L.; BORRO, L.; NESHICH, G.
2020DPIN: um dicionário dos nanoambientes internos das proteínas e seu potencial para transformação em ativos para a agricultura.MAZONI, I.; NESHICH, G.
2008Electrostatic potential at the alpha carbon atoms along the alpha helices and beta strands.MAZONI, I.; JARDINE, J. G.; BORRO, L. C.; ALVARENGA, D.; NESHICH, G.
2007Electrostatic potential calculation for biomolecules - creating a database of pré-calculated values reported on a per residue basis for all PDB protein structures.ROCCHIA, W.; NESHICH, G.
2007Finding protein-protein interaction patterns by contact map matching.MELO, R. C.; RIBEIRO, C.; MURRAY, C. S.; VELOSO, C. J. M.; SILVEIRA, C. H. da; NESHICH, G.; MEIRA JUNIOR, W.; CARCERONI, R. L.; SANTORO, M. M.
2013Identification of new Sphingomyelinases D in pathogenic fungi and other pathogenic organisms.DIAS-LOPES, C.; NESHICH, I. A. P.; NESHICH, G.; ORTEGA, J. M.; GRANIER, C.; CHÁVEZ-OLORTEGUI, C.; MOLINA, F.; FELICORI, L.
2015Identification of snake bradykinin-potentiating peptides (BPPs)-simile sequences in rat brain: potential BPP-like precursor protein?CAMPEIRO, J. D'A.; NESHICH, I. P.; SANT'ANNA, O. A.; LOPES, R.; IANZER, D.; ASSAKURA, M. T.; NESHICH, G.; HAYASHI, M. A. F.
2015Improving binding affinity prediction by using a rule-based model with physical-chemical and structural descriptors of the nano-environment for protein-ligand interactions.BORRO, L. C.; SALIM, J. A.; MAZONI, I.; YANO, I.; JARDINE, J. G.; NESHICH, G.
2014Improving predictions of protein-protein interfaces by combining amino acid-specific classifiers based on structural and physicochemical descriptors with their weighted neighbor averages.MORAES, F. R. de; NESHICH, I. A. P.; MAZONI, I.; YANO, I. H.; PEREIRA, J. G. C.; SALIM, J. A.; JARDINE, J. G.; NESHICH, G.
2015Induction of neutralizing antibodies against mutalysin-II from Lachesis muta muta Snake Venom Elicited by a conformational B-cell epitope predicted by Blue Star Sting data base.MACHADO-DE-ÁVILA, R. A.; VELLOSO, M.; OLIVEIRA, D.; STRANSKY, S.; FLOR-SÁ, A.; SCHNEIDER, F. S.; NESHICH, G.; CHÁVEZ-OLÓRTEGUI, C.