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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Identification of differentially expressed transcripts by Pasteurella multocida iron-starved conditions by RNA-seq.SILVA, M. I. V.; CHITARRA, C. S.; REIS, I. H. V.; OLIVEIRA FILHO, J. X.; MORES, N.; NAKAZATO, L.; DUTRA, V.
2015Identification of transcribed genes by Pasteurella multocida in porcine lungs through the selective capture of transcribed sequences (SCOTS).CHITARRA, C. S.; FRANÇA, G. N. C.; CANDIDO, S. L.; SILVA, M. I. V.; OLIVEIRA FILHO, J. X.; MORES, N.; NAKAZATO, L.; DUTRA, V.
2012Interstitial nephritis of slaughtered pigs in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil.OLIVEIRA FILHO, J. X.; PAULA, D. A. J. de; MORES, N.; PESCADOR, C. A.; ZANELLA, J. R. C.; COLDEBELLA, A.; DUTRA, V.; NAKAZATO, L.
2012Molecular Diagnosis of Respiratory Diseases of Swine.KLEIN, C. S.; MORES, N.; OLIVEIRA FILHO, J. X.; REBELATTO, R.; BELLAVER, F. A. V.; SILVA, G. B.
2012Profile of porcine respiratory disease complex associated with Pasteurella multocida in Minas Gerais state, Brazil.PALADINO, E. S.; GABARDO, M. P.; LUNARDI, P. N.; OLIVEIRA FILHO, J. X.; MORES, M. A. Z.; MORES, N.; GUEDES, R. M. C.
2012Study of the pathogenesis and development of diagnostic methods and control of pneumonic pasteurellosis in pigs.MORES, N.; MORES, M. A. Z.; OLIVEIRA FILHO, J. X.; KLEIN, C. S.; CARON, L.; COLDEBELLA, A.; REBELATTO, R.; SLUSZZ, T.; GUEDES, R. M. C.; ALBERTON, G. C.; DUTRA, V.; MORENO, A. H.; SOBESTIANSKY, J; MATOS, M. P. C.; BARCELLOS, D. S. N.