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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Developing cost-effective field assessments of carbon stocks in human-modified tropical forests.BERENGUER, E.; GARDNER, T. A.; FERREIRA, J.; ARAGÃO, L. E. O. C.; CAMARGO, P. B.; CERRI, C. E.; DURIGAN, M.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C.; VIEIRA, I. C. G.; BARLOW, J.
2002Effect of soil texture on carbon dynamics and storage potential in tropical forest soils of Amazonia.TELLES, E. de C. C.; CAMARGO, P. B. de; MARTINELLI, L. A.; TRUMBORE, S. E.; COSTA, E. S.; SANTOS, J. dos; HIGUCHI, N.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C.; CAMPOS, E.
2007Fluxes of nitrous oxide and methane in commercial soybean, rice, and maize crops on the Santarem-Belterra Plateau, Para State.OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C.; KELLER, M.; CRILL, P. M.
2013Mecanismos de controle para fluxo de vapor d'água na Flona Tapajós para o ano de 2002.AGUIAR, D. R.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C.; TAPAJÓS, R. P.; BARETO, W. M.; SILVA, R. da; BELDINE, T. P.
2011Research project network: greenhouse gas emissions and carbon balance in crop production systems in Brazil (Fluxus).MADARI, B. E.; SALTON, J. C.; CARVALHO, A. M.; SCIVITTARO, W. B.; SANTOS, J. C. F.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C.; TOSTO, S. G.; LEITE, L. F. C.; EVANGELISTA, S. R. M.; VICTORIA, D. C.
2014Size and frequency of natural forest disturbances and the Amazon forest carbon balance.ESPÍRITO-SANTO, F. D. B.; GLOOR, M.; KELLER, M.; MALHI, Y.; SAATCHI, S.; NELSON, B.; OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C.; PEREIRA, C.; LLOYD, J.; FROLKING, S.; PALACE, M.; SHIMABUKURO, Y. E.; DUARTE, V.; MONTEAGUDO MENDOZA, A.; LÓPEZ-GONZÁLEZ, G.; BAKER, T. R.; FELDPAUSCH, T. R.; BRIENEN, R. J. W.; ASNER, G. P.; BOYD, D. S.; PHILLIPS, O. L.
2015Trace gas fluxes from intensively managed rice and soybean fields across three growing seasons in the Brazilian Amazon.OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, R. C.; KELLER, M.; CRILL, P.; BELDINI, T.; HAREN, J. van; CAMARGO, P.