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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Discovery of candidate genes for fatness in chickens based on genotyping with 600K SNP chip in a QTL region.MOREIRA, G. C. M.; PÉRTILLE, F.; GODOY, T. F.; BRASSOLOTI, R.; BOSCHIERO, C.; LEDUR, M. C.; COUTINHO, L. L.
2018Genetic characterization of Indubrasil cattle breed population.ZANELLA, R.; LAGO, L. V.; SILVA, A. N. da; PÉRTILLE, F.; CARVALHO, N. S. de; PANETTO, J. C. do C.; ZANELLA, G. C.; FACIOLI, F. L.; SILVA, M. V. G. B.
2016Genome-wide detection of CNVs and their association with meat tenderness in Nelore cattle.SILVA, V. H. da; REGITANO, L. C. de A.; GEISTLINGER, L.; PÉRTILLE, F.; GIACHETTO, P. F.; BRASSALOTI, R. A.; MOROSINI, N. S.; ZIMMER, R.; COUTINHO, L. L.
2016High-throughput and cost-effective chicken genotyping using next-generation sequencing.PÉRTILLE, F.; BOSAGNA, C. G.; SILVA, V. H. da; BOSCHIERO, C.; NUNES, J. de R. da S.; LEDUR, M. C.; JENSEN, P.; COUTINHO, L. L.
2015Identification of polymorphisms associated with production traits on chicken (Gallus gallus) chromosome 4.PÉRTILLE, F.; ZANELLA, R.; FELÍCIO, A. M.; LEDUR, M. C.; PEIXOTO, J. de O.; COUTINHO, L. L.
2011Investigation of the LEPR1 A>G polymorphism in the leptin receptor gene in a commercial broiler population.PÉRTILLE, F.; TESSMANN, A. L.; COUTINHO, L. L.; AVILA, V. S. de; PEIXOTO, J. de O.; COLDEBELLA, A.; LEDUR, M. C.
2012PPARGC1A indel polymorphism is associated with performance and carcass traits in chickens.PÉRTILLE, F.; FELÍCIO, A. M.; ROSÁRIO, M. F. do; SILVA, V. H.; MANGUETTI, T.; SILVA, N. A.; LEDUR, M. C.; COUTINHO, L. L.