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2018Caracterização e manejo de azevém (Lolium multiflorum L.) resistente a herbicidas em áreas agrícolas.VARGAS, L.; HENCKES, J. R.; SCHMITZ, M. F.; PIASECKI, C.; CECHIN, J.; TORCHELSEN, J.; AGOSTINETTO, D.
2019Defenses against ROS in crops and weeds: the effects of interference and herbicides.CAVERZAN, A.; PIASECKI, C.; CHAVARRIA, G.; STEWART JR, C. N.; VARGAS, L.
2019Does the glyphosate treatment interfere negatively on RNA integrity in glyphosate - resistant and -sensitive Conyza bonariensis?PIASECKI, C.; BENEMANN, D.; CARVALHO, I. R.; AGOSTINETTO, D.; STEWART Jr. C. N.; VARGAS, L.
2019Fitness cost and competitive ability of ryegrass susceptible and with multiple resistance to Glyphosate, Iodosulfuron-methyl, and Pyroxsulam.HENCKES, J. R.; CECHIN, J.; SCHMITZ, M. F.; PIASECKI, C.; VARGAS, L.; AGOSTINETTO, D.
2019Gene expression related to oxidative stress induced by herbicides in rice.AGOSTINETTO, D.; BENEMANN, D. P.; CECHIN, J.; NOHATTO, M. A.; LANGARO, A. C.; PIASECKI, C.; VARGAS, L.
2019Glyphosate applied at the early reproductive stage impairs seed production of glyphosateresistant hairy fleabane.PIASECKI, C.; MAZON, A. S.; MONGE, A.; CAVALCANTE, J. A.; AGOSTINETTO, D.; VARGAS, L.
2019Glyphosate resistance affect the physiological quality of Conyza bonariensis seeds.PIASECKI, C.; MAZON, A. S.; AGOSTINETTO, D.; VARGAS, L.
2019Oxidative stress and differential antioxidant enzyme activity in glyphosate-resistant and -sensitive hairy fleabane in response to glyphosate treatment.PIASECKI, C.; CARVALHO, I. R.; CECHIN, J.; GOULART, F. A. P.; MAIA, L. C. da; AGOSTINETTO, D.; CAVERZAN, A.; STEWART JR, C. N.; VARGAS, L.
2019Transcriptomic analysis identifies new non-target site glyphosate-resistance genes in Conyza bonariensis.PIASECKI, C.; YANG, Y.; BENEMANN, D. P.; KREMER, F. S.; GALLI, V.; MILLWOOD, R. J.; CECHIN, J.; AGOSTINETTO, D.; MAIA, L. C.; VARGAS, L.; STEWART JR, C. N.