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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Aluminum-activated citrate and malate transporters from the MATE and ALMT families function independently to confer arabidopsis aluminum tolerance.LIU, J.; MAGALHAES, J. V. de; SHAFF, J.; KOCHIAN, L. V.
2007Cloning and characterization of an ALMT1 homologue gene in Maize.CANÇADO, G. M. A.; PINEROS, M. A.; MARON, L. G.; SHAFF, J.; CAMARGO, S. R.; MENOSSI, M.; ALVES, V. M. C.; KOCHIAN, L. V.
2007Elucidating the molecular determinants of aluminum tolerance in sorghum and maize.KOCHIAN, L. V.; MAGALHAES, J. V. de; LIU, J.; GUIMARAES, C. T.; ALVES, V. M. C.; MARON, L.; SHAFF, J.; LYI, M.; SCHAFFERT, R. E.
2006Exsudação de citrato e tolerânica ao alumínio em sorgo.ALVES, V. M. C.; MAGALHAES, J. V. de; SHAFF, J.; SCHAFFERT, R. E.; GUIMARAES, C. T.; KOCHIAN, L. V.
2007Molecular approaches to rhizosphere research: identification and characterization of aluminum tolerance genes and their use to improve acid soil tolerance.KOCHIAN, L.; MAGALHAES, J.; LIU, J.; HOEKENGA, O.; PINEROS, M.; SCHAFFERT, R. E.; SHAFF, J.; ALVES, V.
2007Molecular cloning and characterization of AltSB, a major aluminum tolerance gene in sorghum.LIU, J.; MAGALHAES, J. V. de; GUIMARAES, C. T.; LANA, U. G. de P.; HOEKENGA, O.; SHAFF, J.; PINEROS, M.; WANG, Y.; SCHAFFERT, R. E.; KOCHIAN, L.
2008Positional cloning and association analysis of a mate gene that confers aluminum tolerance in sorghum via the AltSB locus.MAGALHAES, J. V. de; KOCHIAN, L.; LIU, J.; GUIMARAES, C.; LANA, U.; ALVES, V.; WANG, Y.; SCHAFFERT, R. E.; HOEKENGA, O.; PINEROS, M.; SHAFF, J.; KLEIN, P.; CARNEIRO, N.; COELHO, C.; TRICK, H.; CANIATO, F.; KRESOVICH, S.; MITCHELL, S.