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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A methodology framework to access the impact of rural practices in the food-water-energy security nexus.TURETTA, A. P. D.; FIDALGO, E. C. C.; PEDREIRA, B. da C. C. G.; GARCIA, E.; BONATTI, M.; MELLONI, G.; LÖHR, K.; MONTEIRO, J. M. G.; PRADO, R. B.; MOSTER, C.; MARTINS, A. L. da S.; MALHEIROS, T. F.; SIEBER, S.
2020A stakeholder analysis for a water-energy-food nexus valuation in an Atlantic Forest area: implications for an integrated assessment and a participatory approach.MELLONI, G.; TURETTA, A. P. D.; BONATTI, M.; SIEBER, S.
2023Assessing the effectiveness and justice of protected areas governance: issues and situated pathways to environmental policies in Río Negro National Park, Paraguay.BONATTI, M.; BAYER, S.; POPE, K.; EUFEMIA, L.; TURETTA, A. P. D.; TREMBLAY, C.; SIEBER, S.
2022Assessing the nexus on local perspective: a quali-quantitative framework for water-energy-food security evaluation in neglected territories.SOUZA, R. de C. S. de; TURETTA, A. P. D.; BONATTI, M.; SIEBER, S.
2022Fires in the Amazon region: quick policy review.EUFEMIA, L.; TURETTA, A. P. D.; BONATTI, M.; DA PONTE, E.; SIEBER, S.
2021Resilience of community food systems (CFS): co-design as a long-term viable pathway to face crises in neglected territories?TURETTA, A. P. D.; BONATTI, M.; SIEBER, S.
2008Sensor TTC - the La Plata River basin application: policy cases, main land use change drivers and case studies.COUTINHO, H. L. da C.; SCHLINDWEIN, S.; SIEBER, S.; JOBAGGY, E.
2022Social learning as an underlying mechanism for sustainability in neglected communities: the Brazilian case of the Bucket Revolution project.BONATTI, M.; ERISMANN, C.; ASKHABALIEVA, A.; BORBA, J.; POPE, K.; REYNALDO, R.; EUFEMIA, L.; TURETTA, A. P. D.; SIEBER, S.
2010Sustainability Impact Assessment Tools to support the development of policies leading to land use change processes: the Sensor Project approach applied to sugarcane expansion in Brazil.COUTINHO, H. L. C.; TURETTA, A. P. D.; MARTORANO, L. G.; MONTEIRO, J.; SCHULER, A.; MEIRELLES, M. S. P.; SIEBER, S.; VERWEIJ, P.; PEREZ-SOBA, M.; TSCHERNING, K.; HELMING, K.