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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An equation to determine demand constrained pasture restoration area.BARIONI, L. G.; SILVA, R. de O.
2016An optimization model to deal with livestock production and emissions while maximizing the overall net revenue.MOREIRA, J. M. M. A. P.; FASIABEN, M. do C. R.; BARIONI, L. G.; OLIVEIRA, A. F. de; COSTA, F. P.; DIAS, F. R. T.; ABREU, U. G. P. de; SANTOS, J. C. dos; SENA, A. L. dos S.; LAMPERT, V. do N.; OLIVEIRA, P. P. A.; PEDROSO, A. de F.; SILVA, R. de O.
2016Degradation and sorption of fipronil and atrazine in Latossols with organic residues from sugarcane crop.SILVA, R. de O.; SCORZA JUNIOR, R. P.; BONFÁ, M. R. L.; CAMPANARI, M. F. Z.; MENDES, I. de C.
2014Developing a nationally appropriate mitigation measure from the greenhouse gas abatement potential from livestock production in the Brazilian Cerrado.SILVA, R. de O.; BARIONI, L. G.; ALBERTINI, T. Z.; EORY, V.; TOPP, C. F. E.; FERNANDES, F. A.; MORAN, D.
2017Fitting Brazilian livestock production to changes in natural and political environments.BARIONI, L. G.; SILVA, R. de O.; FASIABEN, M. do C. R.; MEDEIROS, S. R. de
2019Modeling technology diffusion of beef cattle in Brazil using a cellular automata.BRATFISCH, G. G.; BARIONI, L. G.; SILVA, R. de O.; GREGO, C. R.; PEREIRA, B. H.; BERTOLUCCI JUNIOR, J.
2017Reducing beef consumption might not reduce emissions: response to Phalan et al. (2016).BARIONI, L. G.; SILVA, R. de O.; MORAN, D.
2017Sustainable intensification of Brazilian livestock production through optimized pasture restoration.SILVA, R. de O.; BARIONI, L. G.; HALL, J. A. J; MORETTI, A. C.; VELOSO, R. F.; ALEXANDER, P.; CRESPOLINI, M.; MORAN, D.
2010Uso de software livre para modelagem matemática e simulação.SILVA, R. de O.; TERNES, S.