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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Climate suitability for Magnaporthe oryzae Triticum pathotype in the United States.CRUZ, C. D.; MAGAREY, R. D.; CHRISTIE, D. N.; FOWLER, G. A.; FERNANDES, J. M. C.; BOCKUS, W. W.; VALENT, B.; STACK, J. P.
2018Gene flow between divergent cereal- and grass-specific lineages of the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae.GLADIEUX, P.; CONDON, B.; RAVEL, S.; SOANES, D.; MACIEL, J. L. N.; NHANI JUNIOR, A.; CHEN, L.; TERAUCHI, R.; LEBRUN, M.-H.; THARREAU, D.; MITCHELL, T.; PEDLEY, K. F.; VALENT, B.; TALBOT, N. J.; FARMAN, M.; FOURNIER, E.
2019Multi-environment assessment of fungicide performance for managing wheat head blast (WHB) in Brazil and Bolivia.CRUZ, C. D.; SANTANA, F. M.; TODD, T. C.; MACIEL, J. L. N.; KIYUNA, J.; BALDELOMAR, D. F.; CRUZ, A. P.; SEIXAS, C. D. S.; GOULART, A. C. P.; SUSSEL, A. A. B.; SCHIPANSKI, C. A.; CHAGAS, D. F.; COELHO, M.; MONTECELLI, T. D. N.; UTIAMADA, C.; CUSTODIO, A. P.; RIVADENEIRA, M. G.; BOCKUS, W. W.; VALENT, B.
2016A standardized inoculation protocol to test wheat cultivars for reaction to head blast caused by Magnaporthe oryzae (Triticum pathotype).CRUZ, C. C.; BOCKUS, W. W.; STACK, J. P.; VALENT, B.; MACIEL, J. L. N.; PETERSON, G. L.
2017The Lolium pathotype of Magnaporthe oryzae recovered from a single blasted wheat plant in the United States.FARMAN, M.; PETERSON, G.; CHEN, L.; STARNES, J.; VALENT, B.; BACHI, P.; MURDOCK, L.; HERSHMAN, D.; PEDLEY, K.; FERNANDES, J. M. C.; BAVARESCO, J.
2006Wheat blast: progress in elucidating its ecology and developing strategies for control.CRUZ, C. D.; BOCKUS, W. W.; SANTANA, F. M.; PAUL, P. A.; KIYUNA, J.; GUZMAN, E.; TODD, T.; VALENT, B.