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dc.contributor.authorMATTOS, B. D.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorCADEMARTORI, P. H. G. dept_BR
dc.contributor.authorLAZZAROTTO, M.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorMAGALHAES, W. L. E.pt_BR
dc.identifier.citationBrazilian Journal of Thermal Analysis, v. 7, p. 139-142, 2015.pt_BR
dc.descriptionFast pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of biomass in the absence of oxygen. This study aims to evaluate thermal analysis of byproducts from fast-pyrolysis of Eucalyptus wood fines. The pyrolysis was conducted in a pilot-scale at 500°C and 100 mm H2O. Charcoal from this process showed high ash content (over than 20%) and incomplete carbonization. Aqueous extract and bio-oil showed similar thermal decomposition events. However, mass percentage decomposed at each temperature was different between these samples.pt_BR
dc.formatDisponível na internet.pt_BR
dc.subjectEspécie exóticapt_BR
dc.subjectBio óleopt_BR
dc.subjectExtrato aquoso.pt_BR
dc.titleThermal analysis of byproducts from fast-pyrolysis of Eucalyptus flour.pt_BR
dc.description.notesEdição dos Anais do 7º Simpósio de Análise Térmica, 2015, Bauru.pt_BR
dc.contributor.institutionBruno Dufau Mattos, Doutorando da UFPR; Pedro Henrique Gonzalez de Cademartori, Doutorando da UFPR; MARCELO LAZZAROTTO, CNPF; WASHINGTON LUIZ ESTEVES MAGALHAES, CNPF.pt_BR
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