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dc.contributor.authorMARRÉ, W. B.
dc.contributor.authorPARTELLI, F. L.
dc.contributor.authorESPINDULA, M. C.
dc.contributor.authorDIAS, J. R. M.
dc.contributor.authorGONTIJO, I.
dc.contributor.authorVIEIRA, H. D.
dc.identifier.citationRevista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo, Viçosa-MG, v. 39, p. 1456-1462, 2015.
dc.descriptionThe number of days between anthesis and maturation of conilon coffee berries varies according to the genotype. Thus, it is believed that periods of greater nutrient demand for fruit formation also vary according to the genotype, directly influencing fertilizer management. The goal of this study was to establish accumulation curves for the micronutrients boron, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc in conilon coffee trees with different maturation cycles. The experiment was conducted in Nova Venécia, State of Espírito Santo, Brazil, during the reproductive cycle of the 2010/2011 crop year. Four coffee genotypes with different maturation cycles (early, intermediate, late, and super-late) were studied. A completely randomized experimental design was used with five replications. The treatments correspond to the accumulation of B, Cu, Fe, Mn, and Zn in the berries every 28 days in the period from flowering to harvest. The early, intermediate, and late genotypes accumulated Fe, Cu, and Mn in a similar manner, with sigmoid curves, whereas the super-late genotype accumulated these nutrients exponentially. Zn was accumulated by all four genotypes following a sigmoid curve. The early, intermediate, and late genotypes accumulated B linearly, whereas the super-late genotype accumulated B following a sigmoid curve. The maturation cycle of the genotype must be taken into account to apply the correct rate of micronutrient fertilization in coffee plantations.
dc.subjectFertilizer management
dc.subjectManejo da adubação
dc.titleMicronutrient accumulation in Conilon Coffee berries with different maturation cycles.
dc.typeArtigo de periódico
dc.subject.thesagroCoffea Canephora
dc.contributor.institutionWellington Braida Marré, UFES; Fábio Luiz Partelli, UFES; MARCELO CURITIBA ESPINDULA, CPAF-RO; Jairo Rafael Machado Dias, UNIR; Ivoney Gontijo, UFES; Henrique Duarte Vieira, Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro.
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