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dc.contributor.authorMATTAR, E. P. L.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorOLIVEIRA, E. dept_BR
dc.contributor.authorJESUS, J. C. da S. dept_BR
dc.contributor.authorARAÚJO, M. L. dept_BR
dc.contributor.authorSIVIERO, A.pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorSANTOS JUNIOR, H. C. dospt_BR
dc.identifier.citationIndian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, New Delhi, v. 15, n. 4, p. 619-624, Oct. 2016.pt_BR
dc.identifier.issn0972-5938 (Print) / 0975-1068 (Online)pt_BR
dc.descriptionThe Juruá valley mesoregion is recognized for its diversity of cultivars of common beans and cowpea and is an important center for on farm bean conservation in Brazil. However, there is little information about production systems of Creoles cultivars and, in this approach, the study aimed to identify the production centers and to gather information about beans production systems. Thirty eight farmers and five merchants were interviewed using semi-structured questionnaries. Juruá valley farmers use three beans production systems: "beach farming", "slash burn system" and "stuffy farming". The systems use family labor with low dependence on external inputs, two classified as itinerant. The study identified two beans production centers: Alto Juruá extractive reserve and Santa Luzia directed settlement project.pt_BR
dc.subjectVariedade crioulapt_BR
dc.subjectCreole seedpt_BR
dc.subjectSemilla criollapt_BR
dc.subjectAgricultura de praiapt_BR
dc.subjectBeach farmingpt_BR
dc.subjectSistema de corte e queimapt_BR
dc.subjectSlash burn systempt_BR
dc.subjectAgricultura abafadapt_BR
dc.subjectStuffy farmingpt_BR
dc.subjectCentro de produçãopt_BR
dc.subjectRESEX Alto Juruápt_BR
dc.subjectProjeto de Assentamento Dirigido Santa Luziapt_BR
dc.subjectVale do Juruá (AC)pt_BR
dc.subjectAmazônia Ocidentalpt_BR
dc.subjectWestern Amazonpt_BR
dc.subjectAmazonia Occidentalpt_BR
dc.subjectTecnología de producciónpt_BR
dc.subjectCultivo a pequeña escalapt_BR
dc.subjectGranjas pequeñaspt_BR
dc.titleCreolo beans production systems in Juruá valley, Acre, Brazilian Amazon.pt_BR
dc.typeArtigo de periódicopt_BR
dc.subject.thesagroPhaseolus vulgarispt_BR
dc.subject.thesagroFeijão de cordapt_BR
dc.subject.thesagroVigna unguiculatapt_BR
dc.subject.thesagroAgricultura familiarpt_BR
dc.subject.thesagroSistema de produçãopt_BR
dc.subject.nalthesaurusProduction technologypt_BR
dc.subject.nalthesaurusSmall farmspt_BR
dc.subject.nalthesaurusSmall-scale farmingpt_BR
dc.contributor.institutionEduardo Pacca Luna Mattar, Universidade Federal do Acre; Eliane de Oliveira, Universidade Federal do Acre; Jercivanio Carlos da Silva de Jesus, Universidade Federal do Acre; Marlon Lima de Araújo, Universidade Federal do Acre; AMAURI SIVIERO, CPAF-Acre; Hamilton Carvalho dos Santos Junior, Universidade Federal de Viçosa.pt_BR
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