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dc.contributor.authorGARCEZ, F. R.
dc.contributor.authorSCRAMIN, S.
dc.contributor.authorNASCIMENTO, M. C. de
dc.contributor.authorMORS, W. B.
dc.identifier.citationPhytochemistry, v.27, n.4, p.1079-1083, 1988.
dc.descriptionAbstract: Three chalcones, two beta-hydroxychalcones, four flavanones, six flavones, four flavonols, one rotenoid and one pterocarpan were isolated from the roots of Dahlstedtia pinnata and D. pentaphylla. With the exception of the pterocarpan, all the compounds exhibit prenylation in the A ring, a characteristic of flavonoids produced by species of the Tephrosieae. Of the 21 flavonoids identified, five (2 flavanones and 3 flavones) are new as naturally occurring compounds. A neat distinction in the biosynthetic capability of the two species, leading to the production of flavanones and flavonols in D. pentaphylla, but not in D. pinnata, is observed. In this latter species, biosynthesis is totally oriented toward dehydrogenation, producing flavones. By both criteria-higher oxidation state and suppression of enzyme systems-D. pinnata is the more advanced species.
dc.subjectDahlstedtia pinnata
dc.subjectDahlstedtia pentaphylla
dc.titlePrenylated flavonoids as evolutionary indicators in the genus Dahlstedtia.
dc.typeArtigo de periódico
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