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Title: Prototype of non-genetically modified soybean tracking system using blockchain technology.
Authors: YANO, I. H.
Date Issued: 2019
Citation: Advances in Agriculture, Horticulture and Entomology, v. 02, p. 1-7, 2019.
Description: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) soybean is a soybean whose genetic material has been modified using genetic engineering techniques. GMO defenders say that this technology reduces the cost of food and helps producers deal with pests and diseases more safely. On the opposite consumers and environmental groups argue that transgenic crops drive higher use of pesticides. Because of this, there is a specific market for non-GMO crops. Some companies that export to Asia and Europe markets pay a premium for non-GMO soybean. But this non-GMO soybean must have a certificate indicating their purity, i.e., which there is not a mix with GMO soybean. The aim of this work is the development of a prototype of a system to track non-GMO soybean to guarantee its purity. The prototype developed in this work used blockchain technology. The choice for blockchain was because it is very secure against tampering, and, also is a distributed system proper for applications like this, which will track the non-GMO soybean from cultivation to product delivery.
Thesagro: Soja
NAL Thesaurus: Genetically modified organisms
Keywords: Organismos geneticamente modificados
Tecnologia blockchain
Smart contract
Language: en
Type of Material: Artigo de periódico
Access: openAccess
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