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Title: Essential oil of Lippia grata (Verbenaceae) is effective in the control of monogenean infections in Colossoma macropomum gills, a large Serrasalmidae fish from Amazon.
Authors: BARRIGA, I. B.
CASTRO, K. N. de C.
Affiliation: Isaac Belo Barriga, UEAP; Anai Paola Prissilla Flores Gonzales, UNIFAP; Alexandre Renato Pinto Brasiliense, UNIFAP; KARINA NEOOB DE CARVALHO CASTRO, CPATC; MARCOS TAVARES DIAS, CPAF-AP.
Date Issued: 2020
Citation: Aquaculture Research, v. 51, n. 9, p. 3804-3812, 2020.
Description: This study investigated the efficacy of Lippia grata essential oil (EO) against monogeneans of Colossoma macropomum and effects on the haematology after immersion baths. In the in vitro assays, the efficacy of 100, 250, 350 and 700 mg/L of L. grata EO and two controls were tested, of which one control was with the cultivation tank water and the other was with the tank water and 70% ethyl alcohol. Composition of majority bioactive compounds in the EO was carvacrol (48.12%), pcymene (24.39%) and γ-terpinene (2.49%). Anacanthorus spathulatus, Notozothecium janauachensis, Mymarothecium boegeri and Linguadactyloides brinkmanni obtained of fish gills showed 100% immobilization in the in vitro assays when exposed to 700 and 350 mg/L after 30 min and 2 hr respectively. Fish showed tolerance to 700 mg/L of the EO, which was used in therapeutic in three consecutive baths, which caused lamellar hyperplasia in C. macropomum gills. The 700 mg/L of the EO in the therapeutic baths showed an efficacy of 95.1% against the monogeneans and caused decrease in haemoglobin, whereas control fish showed a reduction in mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration. Results indicated that 700 mg/L of L. grata EO is a safe and effective concentration to treat C. macropomum infected with monogeneans.
NAL Thesaurus: Aquaculture
Language: Ingles
DOI: 10.1111/are.14728
Type of Material: Artigo de periódico
Access: openAccess
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