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dc.contributor.authorSANTOS, R. S.
dc.contributor.authorANDRADE, C. M. S. de
dc.contributor.authorCARVALHO, G. S.
dc.identifier.citationEntomoBrasilis, v. 14, e962, 2021.
dc.identifier.issn1983-0572 (online)
dc.descriptionSpittlebugs are among the main insect pests of forage grasses in Brazil. In February 2021, a spittlebug infestation was verified in Xaraés palisadegrass (Brachiaria brizantha cv. Xaraés) in the municipality of Senador Guiomard, Acre state, Brazil. The specimens were captured with an entomological sweep net and identified as Notozulia entreriana (Berg) and Mahanarva spectabilis (Distant) (Hemiptera: Cercopidae). Notozulia entreriana is frequently captured in studies with spittlebugs in Acre state, though this is the first record of M. spectabilis in the state. This new record expands the species known geographical distribution in Brazil and the number of species of Mahanarva occurring in Acre state.
dc.subjectNotozulia entreriana
dc.subjectMahanarva spectabilis
dc.subjectBrachiaria brizantha cv Xaraés
dc.subjectPrimeiro registro
dc.subjectFirst record
dc.subjectPrimer registro
dc.subjectSenador Guiomard (AC)
dc.subjectAmazônia Ocidental
dc.subjectWestern Amazon
dc.subjectAmazonia Occidental
dc.titleFirst record of Mahanarva spectabilis (Distant) (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) in the state of Acre, Brazil.
dc.typeArtigo de periódico
dc.subject.thesagroPraga de Planta
dc.subject.thesagroGramínea Forrageira
dc.subject.nalthesaurusPlant pests
dc.subject.nalthesaurusForage grasses
dc.subject.nalthesaurusUrochloa brizantha
dc.contributor.institutionRODRIGO SOUZA SANTOS, CPAF-AC; CARLOS MAURICIO SOARES DE ANDRADE, CPAF-AC; GERVÁSIO SILVA CARVALHO, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do SUl (PUCRS).
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