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dc.contributor.authorSANTOS, C. M.
dc.contributor.authorMARTINS, N. F.
dc.contributor.authorHORBERG, H. M.
dc.contributor.authorALMEIDA, E. R. de
dc.contributor.authorCOELHO, M. C.
dc.contributor.authorROGAWA, R. C.
dc.contributor.authorSILVA, F. R. da
dc.contributor.authorMILLER, R. N.
dc.contributor.authorSOUZA JUNIOR, M. T.
dc.identifier.citationTheoretical and Applied Genetics, Berlin, v. 110, n. 8, p. 1517-1522, May 2005.
dc.descriptionIn order to discover genes expressed in leaves of Musa acuminata ssp. burmannicoides var. Calcutta 4 (AA), from plants submitted to temperature stress, we produced and characterized two full-length enriched cDNA libraries. Total RNA from plants subjected to temperatures ranging from 5°C to 25°C and from 25°C to 45°C was used to produce a COLD and a HOT cDNA library, respectively. We sequenced 1,440 clones from each library. Following quality analysis and vector trimming, we assembled 2,286 sequences from both libraries into 1,019 putative transcripts, consisting of 217 clusters and 802 singletons, which we denoted Musa acuminata assembled expressed sequence tagged (EST) sequences (MaAES). Of these MaAES, 22.87% showed no matches with existing sequences in public databases. A global analysis of the MaAES data set indicated that 10% of the sequenced cDNAs are present in both cDNA libraries, while 42% and 48% are present only in the COLD or in the HOT libraries, respectively. Annotation of the MaAES data set categorized them into 22 functional classes. Of the 2,286 high-quality sequences, 715 (31.28%) originated from full-length cDNA clones and resulted in a set of 149 genes.
dc.titleAnalysis of expressed sequence tags from Musa acuminata ssp. burmannicoides, var. Calcutta 4 (AA) leaves submitted to temperature stresses.
dc.typeArtigo de periódico
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