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dc.contributor.authorBERNDT, A.
dc.contributor.authorCRUZ, G. M. da
dc.contributor.authorALLEONI, G. F.
dc.contributor.authorALENCAR, M. M. de
dc.contributor.authorLANNA, D. P. D.
dc.identifier.citationIn: WORLD CONFERENCE ON ANIMAL PRODUCTION, 9., 2003, Porto Alegre. Proceedings... Porto Alegre: SBZ: WAAP: ALPA: UFRGS , 2003.
dc.formatSession Animal growth and developmen
dc.subjectNellore crossbred
dc.subjectTissue deposition rates
dc.titleCarcass gain yield of purebred and crossbred Nellore bulls.
dc.typeResumo em anais e proceedings
dc.subject.nalthesaurusbody composition
dc.format.extent2p. 237.
dc.contributor.institutionALEXANDRE BERNDT
dc.contributor.institutionGERALDO MARIA DA CRUZ, CPPSE, SÃO CARLOS, SPeng
dc.contributor.institutionG. F. ALLEONI, IZeng
dc.contributor.institutionMAURICIO MELLO DE ALENCAR, CPPSEeng
dc.contributor.institutionD. P. D. LANNA, USP-ESALQ.eng
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