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Title: Economic potential of useful plants for the utilization in Amazonian polycultures.
Authors: FELDMANN, F.
Affiliation: Institut Angewandte Botanik; EMBRAPA-CPAA.; LUADIR GASPAROTTO, CPAA.
Date Issued: 1994
Citation: In: SYMPOSIUM TROPISCH NUTPFLANZEN, 1993, Hamburg. Abstracts... Hamburg: Universitat, 1994.
Pages: p. 62-69.
Description: Near Manaus, Brasil, a recultivation experiment of a fallowing agricultural area is presently carried out. A polyculture system has been implanted to reach maximum economical and ecological stability. It includes twelve perennial and three annual or biannual useful plant species. Some of them are unknown in European countries. In four different combinations the plant species are grown together to give rise to the following products: latex production, pulpa for juice, icecream, desserts, seeds for chocolate; fruits, palmito, food colourings, weaving material, nuts, timber, oil, copra, fibre, etc. Additionally to these ecologically well adapted plant species the exotic useful plant species Citrus sinenses is planted. Several ecological and practical aspects of the plant management were considered as criteria of selecting the suitable plants, basing not only on their resistance to diseases and growth behaviour but also on the circumstance that the plant products have to be accepted by the Amazonian people. The products must be of commercial value and must be suitable for the transport to regional markets or even for the export. Besides the implantation of useful plants during the recultivation process the evaluation, integration and, finally, the exploration of the spontaneous vegetation in the experimental fields is being carried out. A first survey shows the existence of at least 25 plants species of pharmaceutical potential.
Thesagro: Bactris Gasipaes
Bixa Orellana
Carapa Guianensis
Carica Papaya
Citrus Sinensis
Cocos Nucifera
Cultivo Multiplo
Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Deterioração do Solo
Essência Florestal
Floresta Tropical Úmida
Manihot Esculenta
Pueraria Phaseoloides
Recuperação do Solo
Schizolobium Amazonicum
Swietenia Macrophylla
Theobroma Grandiflorum
Vigna Unguiculata
Zea Mays
NAL Thesaurus: environmental degradation
forest trees
Keywords: Agrofloresta
Bertholettia excelsa
Tropical rain forest
Multiple crooping
Language: de
Type of Material: Parte de livro
Access: openAccess
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