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Research center of Embrapa/Collection: Embrapa Agrossilvipastoril - Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE)
Date Issued: 2013
Type of Material: Artigo em periódico indexado (ALICE)
Authors: BOTELHO, F. M.
CAMPOS, S. de C.
Additional Information: Fernando Mendes Botelho, UFMT; Paulo Cesar Corrêa, UFV; Márcio Arêdes Martins, UFV; SILVIA DE CARVALHO CAMPOS BOTELHO, CPAMT; Gabriel Henrique Horta de Oliveira, IFB.
Title: Effects of the mechanical damage on the water absorption process by corn kernel
Publisher: Food Science Technology, Campinas, v. 33, n. 2, p. 282-288, Jun. 2013
Pages: 282-288
Language: en
Keywords: Peleg’s Equation
Wet Milling Process
Description: The purpose of this study was to investigate and model the water absorption process by corn kernels with different levels of mechanical damage Corn kernels of AG 1510 variety with moisture content of 14.2 (% d.b.) were used. Different mechanical damage levels were indirectly evaluated by electrical conductivity measurements. The absorption process was based on the industrial corn wet milling process, in which the product was soaked with a 0.2% sulfur dioxide (SO2) solution and 0.55% lactic acid (C3H6O3) in distilled water, under controlled temperatures of 40, 50, 60, and 70 °C and different mechanical damage levels. The Peleg model was used for the analysis and modeling of water absorption process. The conclusion is that the structural changes caused by the mechanical damage to the corn kernels influenced the initial rates of water absorption, which were higher for the most damaged kernels, and they also changed the equilibrium moisture contents of the kernels. The Peleg model was well adjusted to the experimental data presenting satisfactory values for the analyzed statistic parameters for all temperatures regardless of the damage level of the corn kernels.
Data Created: 2014-02-03
ISSN: 0101-2061
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