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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The use of SNP markers for linkage mapping in diploid and tetraploid peanuts.BERTIOLI, D. J.; OZIAS-AKINS, P.; CHU, Y.; DANTAS, K. M.; SANTOS, S. P.; GOUVEA, E.; GUIMARAES, P. M.; LEAL-BERTIOLI, S. C. M.; KNAPP, S. J.; MORETZSOHN, M. C.
2014Genomics and genetic transformation in arachis.BRASILEIRO, A. C. M.; ARAUJO, A. C. G.; LEAL BERTIOLI, S. C.; GUIMARAES, P. M.
2017Ex vitro hairy root induction in detached peanut leaves for plant-nematode interaction studies.GUIMARAES, L. A.; PEREIRA, B. M.; ARAUJO, A. C. G.; GUIMARAES, P. M.; BRASILEIRO, A. C. M.
2010FIDEL-a retrovirus-like retrotransposon and its distinct evolutionary histories in the A- and B-genome components of cultivated peanut.NIELEN, S.; CAMPOS-FONSECA, F.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; GUIMARAES, P. M.; SEIJO, G.; TOWN, C.; ARRIAL, R.; BERTIOLI, D.
2018Segmental allopolyploidy in action: Increasing diversity through polyploid hybridization and homoeologous recombination.BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; GODOY, I. J.; SANTOS, J. F.; DOYLE, J. J.; GUIMARAES, P. M.; ABERNATHY, B. L.; JACKSON, S. A.; MORETZSOHN, M. de C.; BERTIOLI, D. J.
2011An overview of peanut and its wild relatives.BERTIOLI, D. J.; SEIJO, G.; FREITAS, F. O.; VALLS, J. F. M.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; MORETZSOHN, M. de C.
2007The role of BAP in somatic embriogenesis induction from seed explants of Arachis species from Sections Erectoides and Procumbentes.PACHECO, G.; GAGLIARDI, R. F.; CARNEIRO, L. A.; CALLADO, C. H.; VALLS, J. F. M.; MANSUR, E.
2007Targeting and genotyping RGAs in a mapping population of the AA genome of wild Arachis.LEAL-BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; GUIMARÃES, P. M.; BERTIOLI, D. J.
2007In vitro regeneration and conservation of wild species of Arachis.PACHECO, G.; GAGLIARDI, R. F.; CARNEIRO, L. A.; VALLS, J. F. M.; MANSUR, E.
2017Cytogenetic evidences on the evolutionary relationships between the tetraploids of the section Rhizomatosae and related diploid species (Arachis, Leguminosae).ORTIZ, A. M.; ROBLEDO, G.; SEIJO, G.; VALLS, J. F. M.; LAVIA, G. I.