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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Peptide: lipid ratio and membrane surface charge determine the mechanismof action of the antimicrobial peptide BP100. Conformational and functional studies.MANZINI, M. C.; PEREZ, K. R.; RISKE, K. A.; BOZELLI JUNIOR, J. C.; SANTOS, T. L.; SILVA, M. A. da; SARAIVA, G. K. V.; POLITI, M. J.; VALENTE, A. P.; ALMEIDA, F. C. L.; CHAIMOVICH, H.; RODRIGUES, M. A.; BEMQUERER, M. P.; SCHREIER, S.; CUCCOVIA, I. M.
2015Genome-wide patterns of recombination, linkage disequilibrium and nucleotide diversity from pooled resequencing and single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping unlock the evolutionary history of Eucalyptus grandis.SILVA JUNIOR, O. B. da; GRATTAPAGLIA, D.
2014Combination of the fungus Beauveria bassiana and pheromone in an attract-and-kill strategy against the banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus.LOPES, R. B.; LAUMANN, R. A.; MOORE, D.; OLIVEIRA, M. W. M.; FARIA, M.
2014Proteomic analysis of upland rice (Oryza sativa L.) exposed to intermittent water deficit.RABELLO, F. R.; VILLETH, G. R. C.; RABELLO, A. R.; RANGEL, P. H. N.; GUIMARAES, C. M.; HUERGO, L. F.; SOUZA, E. M.; PEDROSA, F. O.; FERREIRA, M. E.; MEHTA, A.
2014Potencial agronômico e teor de carotenoides em raízes de reserva de mandioca.SILVA, K. N. da; VIEIRA, E. A.; FIALHO, J. de F.; CARVALHO, L. J. C. B.; SILVA, M. S.
2014Comparing Acidovorax citrulli strains from melon and watermelon: phenotypic characteristics, pathogenicity and genetic diversity.MELO, L. A.; TEBALDI, N. D.; MEHTA, A.; MARQUES, A. S. A.
2014Supression of seed borne Cladosporium herbarum on common bean seed by Trichoderma harzianum and promotion of seedling development.GUIMARÃES, G. R.; PEREIRA, F. S.; MATOS, F. S.; MELLO, S. C. M.; CARVALHO, D. D. C.
2015Species turnover across different life stages from seedlings to canopy trees in swamp forests of Central Brazil.FONTES, C. G.; WALTER, B. M. T.; PINTO, J. R. R.; DAMASCO, G.
2011A new polymorphism in the Growth and Differentiation Factor 9 (GDF9) gene is associated with increased ovulation rate and prolificacy in homozygous sheep.SILVA, B. D. M.; CASTRO, E. A.; SOUZA, C. J. H. de; PAIVA, S. R.; SARTORI, R.; FRANCO, M. M.; AZEVEDO, H. C.; SILVA, T. A. S. N.; VIEIRA, A. M. C.; NEVES, J. P.; MELO, E. de O.
2016Identification and expression profile of odorant-binding proteins in Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae).PAULA, D. P.; TOGAWA, R. C.; COSTA, M. M. C.; GRYNBERG, P.; MARTINS, N. F.; ANDOW, D. A.