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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A study of the relationships of cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea) and its most closely related wild species using intron sequences and microsatellite markers.MORETZSOHN, M. de C.; GOUVEA, E. G.; INGLIS, P. W.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; VALLS, J. F. M.; Bertioli, D. J.
2010FIDEL-a retrovirus-like retrotransposon and its distinct evolutionary histories in the A- and B-genome components of cultivated peanut.NIELEN, S.; CAMPOS-FONSECA, F.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; GUIMARAES, P. M.; SEIJO, G.; TOWN, C.; ARRIAL, R.; BERTIOLI, D.
2012Construction of chromosome segmen substitution lines in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) using a wild synthetic and QTL mapping for plant morphology.FONCEKA; TOSSIM, H. A.; RIVALLAN, R.; VIGNES, H.; LACUT, E.; BELLIS, F. de; FAYE, I.; NDOYE, O.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; VALLS, J. F. M.; BERTIOLI, D. J.; GLASZMANN, C.; COURTOIS, B.; RAMI, J. F.
2009Genetic mapping of wild introgressions into cultivated peanut: a way toward enlarging the genetic basis of a recent allotetraploid.FONCÉKA, D.; HODO-ABALO, T.; RIVALLAN, R.; FAYE, I.; SALL, M. N.; NDOYE, O.; FAVERO, A. P.; BERTIOLI, D. J.; GLASZMANN, J. C.; COURTOIS, B.; RAMI, J. F.
2012Matita, a new retroelement from peanut: characterization and evolutionary context in the light of the Arachis A-B genome divergence.NIELEN, S.; VIDIGAL, B. S.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; RATNAPARKHE, M.; PATERSON, A. H.; GARSMEUR, O.; D'HONT, A.; GUIMARAES, P. M.; BERTIOLI, D. J.
2007Targeting and genotyping RGAs in a mapping population of the AA genome of wild Arachis.LEAL-BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; GUIMARÃES, P. M.; BERTIOLI, D. J.
2007Genetic variability of Brazilian Indian landraces of Arachis hypogaea L.FREITAS, F. O.; MORETZSOHN, M. C.; VALLS, J. F. M.
2013A survey of genes involved in Arachis stenosperma resistance to Meloidogyne arenaria race 1.MORGANTE, C. V.; BRASILEIRO, A. C. M.; ROBERTS, P. A.; GUIMARAES, L. A.; ARAUJO, A. C. G. de; FONSECA, L. N.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; BERTIOLI, D. J.; GUIMARAES, P. M.
2013Characterization of resveratrol content in ten wild species of section Arachis, genus Arachis.LOPES, R. M.; SILVEIRA, D.; GIMENES, M. A.; VASCONCELOS, P. A. S.; ALVES, R. de B. das N.; SILVA, J. P. da; AGOSTINI COSTA, T. da S.
2012Global transcriptome analysis of two wild relatives of peanut under drought and fungi infection.GUIMARAES, P. M.; BRASILEIRO, A. C. M.; MORGANTE, C. V.; MARTINS, A. C. Q.; PAPPAS JUNIOR, G. J.; SILVA JUNIOR, O. B. da; TOGAWA, R. C.; BERTIOLI, S. C. de M. L.; ARAUJO, A. C. G. de; MORETZSOHN, M. de C.; BERTIOLI, D. J.